Here’s what changes on the pension allowance

Here’s what changes on the pension allowance
Here’s what changes on the pension allowance

On August 25, INPS announced the arrival of a new slip regarding the pension allowance. Some retirees will receive a higher amount than normal.

The beneficiaries are those who have submitted the 730 declaration and those who meet the income requirements in order to be entitled to the INPS increase. The refund will be in the form of a credit. Those who belong to this category, as we have already explained, could receive a much higher figure in September. Specifically, these are those who filed their tax return in June or May and have not yet received any refund. The latter will arrive in September. The same goes for the withholdings in the event of an adjustment to the taxpayer’s debt, who, in this case, will have the possibility of opting for the payment in installments of the amounts due.

The payment of the pension in September, as also underlined by contocorrenteonline, will respect the directives created during the period of the pandemic. This means that each pensioner will have to follow the schedule set up to collect the check he is entitled to at a post office. This is in alphabetical order and the early pickup will begin on September 27th.

The figures

The increase in the pension was prepared by INPS through an increase in the allowances for the family unit. In numbers, the amounts will vary from 37.50 up to 55 euros, depending on the number of dependent children. For families with one or two dependent children, the increase will be € 37.50 while families with three or more children will have an increase of € 55 for each dependent child. Arrears for August and July will also be received in September.

For the disabled, on the other hand, on 25 August the increases dedicated to public management were reported by the INPS. The reference was to the provisions for the great invalids. The replacement allowance in this case has a variable increase in the amount ranging from 450 to 900 euros, depending on the degree of disability.


Heres pension allowance

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