Niccolò Fabi in concert in Milan: lineup and info

Niccolò Fabi in concert in Milan: lineup and info
Niccolò Fabi in concert in Milan: lineup and info

This evening, Monday 6 September, Niccolò Fabi will stop at Milano, precisely in the location of Carroponte in Sesto San Giovanni, on the occasion of the summer tour that took him far and wide across Italy, treading the most prestigious and exclusive stages. The Milanese appointment represents a new date of the previously announced calendar, which goes to recover the concert of 9 September 2020, postponed due to Covid-19, and to replace the live scheduled for next 9 September at Magnolia.

The return live after the cancellation of the 2020 summer tour


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After having to postpone his events to the summer of 2021, Niccolò Fabi has returned to perform in the main Italian cities. Starting from June 2021, the Roman singer-songwriter took his music around Italy, always accompanied by his faithful travel companions: Filippo Cornaglia, Roberto Angelini, Alberto Bianco, Pier Cortese and Daniele “mf coffee” Rossi. The “Summer 2021” tour represented a real breath of fresh air for the musician, his team and the entire audience, after a period of uncertainty and restrictions, which had a negative impact on the entire entertainment world. “Never as this year has it been difficult to organize a calendar of concerts – wrote the Roman singer-songwriter on Facebook on 5 May -. Agencies and promoters are juggling in a sector in great crisis between expectations of decrees, health protocols, capacity reductions, curfews and much more. In the meantime, however, we are there and start again from here. I am aware of the inconveniences and I rely on flexibility and understanding. I assure you that every possible effort is being made to solve the problems and to quickly provide all the missing information. The fundamental fact is that this summer they will play. A few weeks ago many still did not believe it. We will solve the rest. In the meantime, let us lean on this beautiful perspective. We will see each other soon”.

Niccolò Fabi in concert in Milan, the lineup

Niccolò Fabi is preparing to go up on the stage of the Carroponte in Milan to present to the public the songs of his latest album “Tradizione e tradimento”, released in October 2019. This latest recording effort has never been played live due to the arrival of the pandemic (THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES – THE MAP) which has blocked concerts globally. In the setlist of the Milanese event there will certainly be the new pieces of the Roman singer-songwriter, but also historical songs and some covers of the artists who make up the band. The lineup should be this, except for last minute changes:

  1. Evaporate
  2. A sum of small things
  3. Agricultural philosophy
  4. And it is not
  5. Elementary
  6. First on the list
  7. The promise
  8. Love with wings
  9. A good idea / You become invented
  10. Do you remember it (Pier Cortese cover)
  11. Condor (Roberto Angelini cover)
  12. Fantastic (White cover)
  13. I am the other
  14. there
  15. Whoever gives up wins
  16. A hand on the eyes
  17. To build
  18. Scotta
  19. Let’s pretend
  20. The antique shop
  21. Leave one day in Rome

The appointment is at 21:00, but it is preferable to arrive earlier in order not to delay the start of the show. Tickets are still available on Ticketone at a cost of 40 euros.


Niccolò Fabi concert Milan lineup info

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