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Extended green pass mandatory from October for public employees, bars, restaurants, gyms –

Extended green pass mandatory from October for public employees, bars, restaurants, gyms –
Extended green pass mandatory from October for public employees, bars, restaurants, gyms –
from Fiorenza Sarzanini

Restaurateurs, managers of gyms and swimming pools, long-distance transport operators will be the first to have to comply with the green pass together with the employees of the public administration

The mandatory green pass for public employees and workers in the sectors where it is already foreseen for customers will come into effect in early October. The road now marked, despite the internal divisions of the government majority. After the control room that will be convened this week by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the approval of the decree will come. But at least 15 days must be allowed to pass to give those who are not vaccinated the opportunity to undergo the first dose, an indispensable condition for obtaining green certification. Restaurateurs, managers of gyms and swimming pools, long-distance transport operators will be the first to have to comply. Together with public administration employees. And in the meantime the procedure for the administration of the third dose for frail people. A road map that the government will close by December 31st, when the state of emergency expires. Three months marked by summits and decrees to restart safely, reopen schools in the presence, avoiding other lockdowns and new closures of commercial activities.

The control room

L’Draghi’s meeting with the party heads of delegation to talk about the green pass, it will take place by Thursday and will be extended to the Cts. Following, as usual, there will be a discussion with the Regions and then the Council of Ministers for the green light to the decree. The political theme which will be the attitude of the League.
On the vaccination obligation Salvini has already announced no, on the green pass the League’s ministers could instead give the green light, as already for the previous decrees on the green certificate.

The decree

The first decree introducing green certification for indoor public places in Italy arrives today in the Chamber. Palazzo Chigi denies the will to place trust, even taking into account that Salvini had asked Draghi to avoid it, but the decision will be made in the next few hours.


The Minister of Education tomorrow morning Patrizio Bianchi he will be at a hearing in Montecitorio and in the afternoon at the Senate to inform parliamentarians on the decisions taken to allow safe return to class.

Public employees

The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza works in concert with the holder of the Public Administration Renato Brunetta to make the certificate of immunity mandatory for all public employees, 10 percent of which not yet vaccinated. If the measure is passed by the end of this week, it could come into effect as early as September 27 or October 4 at the latest. Brunette in pressing: a license of freedom, I would extend it to the whole world of work, public and private. Salvini, who will see Draghi this week to take stock of Covid, continues to oppose, conceding that one can only reason with who has contact with the public.

Private companies

The meeting between trade unions and companies scheduled for today. CGIL, CISL and UIL see Confindustria and Confapi to seek an agreement on the rules of the green passport. The dates at stake are the same as for civil servants, September 27 or October 4. Minister Orlando pushes: the best way to avoid having to go back to closures, to lockdowns, to stoppages of productive and social activities.

Bars, restaurants, trains

All parties agree with the exception of the League. And therefore it now appears to be taken for granted the extension of the green pass for managers and workers in the sectors for which the Qr code has already been imposed: indoor bars and restaurants, swimming pools and gyms, trains, ships, airplanes.

Bus and metro

In the government, the debate on the introduction of the green pass for buses, trams and subways, a sector that presents significant logistical difficulties, due to the number of passengers and the difficulty in carrying out the checks. Minister Hope cautious: Green pass for local public transport? I am not aware of it.


In the Council of Ministers it had been the dem Dario Franceschini to put the issue of the green pass for high school students, then for Draghi he decided to limit the obligation to university students. The question could come back to the control room table.

The third dose

In last week’s conference Draghi started the car and hit the accelerator. According to the road map of Speranza, by September we will start with the administration of the third dose for very fragile people, who have developed an immune response that is too low or who are battling with certain types of cancers. Then it will pass to the elderly of the RSA, to the over eighty and to health personnel. Stocks are more than enough: 8 million doses in the fridge since August, 15 million arriving in September.

Vaccination obligation

No decision yet taken, but Draghi has charted the route and Speranza has confirmed that the vaccination obligation is an opportunity under Article 32 of the Constitution. If in mid-October the numbers of vaccinations are not satisfactory, the process to make Italy the forerunner could start, such as the state on compulsory vaccination for doctors and nurses. At the end of October, the government will consider whether it is appropriate to force and introduce the obligation. There are several indicators on which attention will be focused: national Rt index, posts occupied in the medical area, posts occupied in intensive care, number of deaths. But the goal remains the one repeatedly stated: to prevent new closures.

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