sun and heat, thermometers exceed 30 degrees

sun and heat, thermometers exceed 30 degrees
sun and heat, thermometers exceed 30 degrees

Today, Monday 6 September, will be characterized by sun and heat. After the rains and bad weather of the weekend, the week begins with high temperatures and the absence of rainfall, with warm weather and clear skies without cloud cover. The thermometers will also reach 31 degrees.

If temperatures dropped last week and the climate had become cooler and more temperate, today, Monday 6 September, will see the thermometers rise again and exceed 30 degrees. In Rome, the expected temperatures are very high, with a minimum of 16 degrees and a maximum of 31 degrees. The sky will be clear throughout the day, and apart from some rare cases there will be no cloud cover. Winds will blow between light and moderate, and precipitation is obviously not expected. The hottest hours of the day, those in which the thermometer it will reach 31 degrees, you will have between 14 and 15, hours in which it is not advisable to leave the house, especially in the case of elderly people and children, more fragile subjects who could have heat stroke.

Lazio Weather September 6: high lows in the province

The weather situation today will also be similar in the other provinces of Lazio. TO Frosinone, Rieti, Viterbo and Latina, the day will be characterized by good weather and high temperatures.Here in the province the thermometers will mark very high minimums, which for example in Latina will even reach 20 degrees, while the maximums will oscillate between 27 and 30 degrees. The province where the temperatures will be lower is, as usual, Rieti, while in the others the thermometer will get closer to the temperature that it will also have at Roma. There will be no rain in any of the provinces of Lazio, and the sky will be characterized by the absence of cloud cover. The weather will be serene, with peaks of heat from 2pm to 5pm, while the winds will blow between weak and moderate throughout the day. The weather is expected to remain unchanged throughout the week.


sun heat thermometers exceed degrees

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