In a coma due to meningitis after the Pfizer vaccine –

In a coma due to meningitis after the Pfizer vaccine –
In a coma due to meningitis after the Pfizer vaccine –

The story comes from Ruffano, where a 14-year-old girl of Moroccan origin but born in Italy, in the days following the administration of the second dose (17 August, first dose on 22 July), showed swelling in one eye and a strong headache, before being admitted to hospital, first in Tricase and then in Bari, in the intensive care unit of the pediatric hospital in the regional capital.

“My daughter has always been fine, she has never had any health problems and is now in a coma after getting the vaccine,” says father Arduan.

It can’t be meningitis, because my daughter also had the vaccine to prevent it – continues the man, who has been living in Italy for years and an Italian citizen – before the second dose of Pfizer he was fine, the next day one eye swelled up, the next day he also had a headache and I had to take him to Tricase: they made her two tacs, then the situation worsened and now she is dying in Bari ”.

The father of the young woman, however, wants to go to the bottom: “I will entrust myself to a lawyer to file a complaint: I want to understand why my daughter will never return home”.

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