Turin, the former Westinghouse has a master: Esselunga chooses Fiera Milano

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After years of fighting and stalemate, long S entrusted toformer Westinghouse area of ​​Turin a new manager: it will be Fiera Milano.

The former city brake factory has suffered neglect for years and projects not up to par, which for years have blocked the area. The affair was also the subject of various judicial acts, which also led to a conviction for the outgoing mayor Chiara Appendino.

Now, after years of uncertainty, the Esselunga group managed to unlock the game of a story that has become increasingly thorny over the years.

Former Westinghouse area of ​​Turin: Esselunga has chosen Fiera Milano for the restart

The project that could unlock the area of ​​the Westinghouse brake factory has arrived, thanks to the acceleration commissioned by the Esselunga Group.

The area will be managed by Fiera Milano Congressi, European leader in the world of trade fairs and congresses, which will give rise to a conference area with over 5,000 seats in front of the shopping center that will be built in the Corso Ferrucci area.

In fact, Esselunga is the owner of the area, and after years of darkness has unlocked the story thanks to external international consultants. the municipality of Turin, who played the role of mediator of the affair.

The operation has a worth around 50 million euros, given the enormous capacity of the plenary hall. THE 5 thousand seats are a large number, and which could attract some of the largest fairs in Europe to the Città della Mole.

Construction sites are expected to start next year, however the inauguration it will not be carried out before the two-year period 2025 – 2026.

The story ends in this way, after ten years, two mayors and several judicial acts that have compromised for years a strategic area for the City of the Mole.

For Turin it could be a great opportunity, especially to expand the exhibition center, which has suffered a sudden slowdown due to the pandemic.

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