a nasty surprise for Eda and Serkan

a nasty surprise for Eda and Serkan
a nasty surprise for Eda and Serkan

During the new programming week of Love is in the air, Ed he will have to face two extremely dangerous women, his grandmother Semiha and the new employee of Art Life, Balca. The advances from 6 to 10 September, in fact, reveal that the replacement for Selin will boycott an initiative of Ed who would like to collaborate with Harok Construction.

In the meantime, Melek e Figen they will find that Balca attends Suzi for advice on how to conquer Serkan while Aydan will propose to Ayfer to collaborate with her and Chef Alexander as part of an event sponsored by her charity, but she will refuse. For its part, Noone will have to face the doubts of Piril about the wedding ceremony while Serkan will have to face an interview organized by Balca that will make you jealous Ed.

The young woman will continue to claim to have won the bet given the interest of the new employee in her. Meanwhile, Suzi and Balca, after having ascertained Eda’s suspicions, will put her off by inventing that the woman is struggling with a fluctuating love story. At this point, Serkan will claim that he has won the bet and will determine that he and Yildiz will go to Paris together.

Love is in the air, weekly plots: Eda will clash with her grandmother

On the occasion of the birthday of Ayfer, Ed will organize a day of ice skating in the company of all their friends. The weekly storylines of Love is in the air suggest that the girl will have a great time with Serkan who will reaffirm his love for her.

Later, the mysterious new partner will arrive at Art Life, namely the grandmother of Ed and a great commotion will arise. Later, Serkan will want to spend New Year’s Eve with Eda, but Balca will try to ruin his plans, while Alptekin Bolat he will no longer give any news of him, apart from Aydan who will receive the divorce papers.

Ayfer, for its part, will face the mother Semiha to which she will say that neither she nor Eda has anything to do with the Bolat, but at that moment Aydan e Seyfi they will come suddenly. Later, Eda’s grandmother will team up with Balca to get Serkan away from Eda. The girl will even go so far as to organize a rigged New Year’s raffle. Meantime, Serkan and Eda they will quarrel with Semiha who will question Bolat’s actions.

The woman will urge her niece to acquire her shares and become the owner of the company and then openly tell her that if she gets back together with Bolat she will ruin him. Also, Semiha will move in with her and Ayfer. At that point, Eda will leave and spend the night at Serkan, where once again a phone call from Balca will ruin the atmosphere … Read also: Love is in the air, Turkish spoilers: Eda’s kidnapping

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