Berardi misses in the first half, Jorginho in the second half. Other even: Switzerland-Italy 0-0

Berardi misses in the first half, Jorginho in the second half. Other even: Switzerland-Italy 0-0
Berardi misses in the first half, Jorginho in the second half. Other even: Switzerland-Italy 0-0

It ended 0-0. And unlike what happened against Bulgaria, this time Italy did not only bring home a draw because they were unlucky. Despite the dominance. In Basel Mancini’s team tore a draw because it was right, a result that reflects what was seen on the pitch. And postpone any definitive talk relating to first place in group C.

Compared to three days ago Mancini has changed 4/11 formation. Two changes were announced: Chiellini and Di Lorenzo in place of Acerbi and Florenzi, another had been anticipated on the eve of the coach Mancini: Locatelli in place of Verratti. And another unexpectedly emerged at the time of the bills: Berardi per Chiesa. The Sassuolo striker was put on the field mindful of how much he had put Switzerland in difficulty during the European Championship and Berardi himself devoured a sensational opportunity at the 19th: launched by Locatelli, the number 11 started all just shortly before of the halfway line and ball and chain he presented himself face to face in front of Sommer, good at intercepting a conclusion that was anything but irresistible. The blue striker could and should have done better.

Compared to Bulgaria, Switzerland attacked higher and with a greater desire to put Italy in difficulty. And at the same time he left space for the blues on the counterattack. Sommer often acted free, Immobile was continually recalled by Mancini because he failed to exploit potentially lethal spaces. But net of Berardi’s mistake, the first half went to the archive after seeing two teams that played openly.

The same happened in the second half, even if an episode – in the opening – could have completely changed the fate of the match. At the 51st Ricardo Rodriguez, defender of Turin, in fact first lost the ball and then committed a foul in the area on Berardi: on the spot, however, Jorginho kicked very badly, handed the ball between the gloves of an impeccable Sommer and did not unlock the game.
After Jorginho’s mistake, coach Mancini tried to change the game. He inserted Chiesa and Zaniolo false nine, took away Berardi and Immobile. In the last half hour, however, Switzerland seemed superior from a physical point of view and, net of a conclusion by Insigne blocked in two halves, they played better than the European champion national team.
The final draw of Italy was therefore right. A 0-0 that keeps the qualification speech in group C in abeyance: Italy has in fact 4 points more than Switzerland but also two more games.

Group C ranking
Italy 11 points (5 races)
Switzerland 7 (3)
Bulgaria 5 (5)
Northern Ireland 4 (3)
Lithuania 0 (4)


Berardi misses Jorginho SwitzerlandItaly

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