Monaco Motor Show: Smart Concept # 1, the electric SUV to come

Monaco Motor Show: Smart Concept # 1, the electric SUV to come
Monaco Motor Show: Smart Concept # 1, the electric SUV to come

Stylistic and structural revolution in the brand born with the city car. Compact size but plenty of space, dedicated electric platform. Mercedes design, Geely architecture and mechanics

A great little SUV from a brand that is deeply renewed. The Munich show hosts one of the first prototypes of what will be the next generation of this brand which since 2019 belongs to an equal joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely. Smart Concept # 1 is the name of this car.

Smart Concept # 1, dimensions and interiors

Design and interiors are designed by Mercedes, structure and mechanics come from the Chinese giant. Smart does not mean very small, because the dimensions of this SUV are relatively large. The length of 4,290 mm it places it almost in the C segment; given the dedicated electric platform, these external dimensions correspond to a considerable internal space, allowed by the more than abundant wheelbase, a good 2,750 mm. Also consistent width and height, respectively 1,910 and 1,698 mm. The concept is configured with a four-seater cabin but the production model will have five. The center console sports a 12.8-inch touch screen. The software interface is an artificial intelligence, so it is able to learn from the user’s behavior to adapt its response. Updates will take place for 75% of the functions via remote connection.

Smart Concept #1: design

The Monaco prototype has a glossy white livery that makes the shapes stand out. The glass roof (the glazed part of the cover extends to the windshield) is decorated with an illuminated frame, while the doors with frameless windows create a visual illusion of suspension. Instead the lower part of the side speaks the language of SUVs with elements in anthracite and black that recall the idea of ​​robustness, as well as the 21-inch diameter wheels. Other noteworthy details are the retractable handles and the rear doors with opening into the wind; together with the absence of the central pillar, this facilitates access to the rear seats. The package is completed by various external lighting effects, from the grille to the rear diffuser.

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Monaco Motor Show Smart Concept electric SUV

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