not bad blues, Jorginho misses a penalty – OA Sport

not bad blues, Jorginho misses a penalty – OA Sport
not bad blues, Jorginho misses a penalty – OA Sport


22.48 The match reports.

SWISS: Summer 6.5; Widmer 6.5, Elvedi 6, Akanji 7, Rodriguez 5.5 (63 ′ Garcia 6); Aebischer 6, Frei 6, Sow 6 (63 ′ Zakaria 6); Steffen 6 (71 ′ Fassnacht 6), Zuber 6 (63 ′ Vargas 6); Seferovic 5 (85 ′ Zeqiri sv). CT: Yakin.

ITALY: Donnarumma 6; Di Lorenzo 6, Bonucci 5.5, Chiellini 6, Emerson Palmieri 6; Barella 5.5 (90 ′ Pessina sv), Jorginho 5, Locatelli 6.5 (77 ′ Verratti sv); Berardi 6 (59 ′ Chiesa 6), Immobile 5.5 (59 ′ Zaniolo 6), Insigne 6 (90 ′ Raspadori sv). CT: Mancini.

22.42 Now, Italy will face Lithuania next Wednesday in Reggio Emilia. Instead, Switzerland will fly to Northern Ireland, again on Wednesday evening.

22.40 Triple whistle: Italy does not go beyond 0-0 with Switzerland. Second consecutive draw for the Azzurri after the one with Bulgaria.

90 + 4 ‘Foul in attack by Zaniolo. Swiss free kick.

90 + 4 ‘Zaniolo exchanges with Pessina, then gains a corner from the right.

90 + 3 ‘Switzerland shows up in the blue area from one side of the pitch to the other, looking for the winning deviation to the net.

90 + 2 ‘There are 4 minutes of recovery.

90 + 1 ′ Here are the changes: outside Barella and Insigne, inside Pessina and Raspadori.

90 ‘Donnarumma smanaccia the ball, double change on the way.

89 ′ Bonucci closes on Vargas on the left side of the field. Angle.

88 ′ A few minutes at the end of the match.

87 ′ Insigne beats the punishment directly on Sommer.

86 ′ Warned Frei after a shoulder on Chiesa, who started on the left. Tunnel on Helvedi and then the free kick from 25 meters.

85 ′ Switzerland change: out of Seferovic, to applause, inside Zeqiri.

84 ′ On the developments, Zakaria kicks from outside but is central for Donnarumma.

83 ‘ZAKARIA! Swiss action built on the right, with Widmer serving Zakaria. His shot at the near post is deflected by Donnarumma for a corner.

81 ′ Corner conquered by Italy on the right. He beats Zaniolo on the near post, Sommer rejects.

80 ‘ZANIOLO! He slips into the box after settling the ball on the left. The Romanista was unfortunate.

79 ′ Italy, now, seems to have some difficulties on the physical level. Mancini asks for calm.

78 ‘Change Italy: outside Locatelli, inside Verratti.

77 ′ Nothing to do for Insigne who fails to lead the counterattack on the left.

76 ‘Swiss corner from the left: Frei found in the area, deflected volley. Another corner, this time from the right.

74 ′ Almost everything ready for Verratti to enter the field, but not at his best due to a blow to the knee remedied against Bulgaria.

73 ′ INSIGNE! Locatelli finds him on the left, kicks on goal but Sommer saves in two halves.

72 ′ Meanwhile, in the other match of the group, Bulgaria, which stopped Italy on Thursday, beat Lithuania 1-0 thanks to the goal of the former Palermo Chochev.

70 ‘Swiss change: outside Steffen, inside Fassnacht.

68 ′ Barella landed by Elvedi by force, the Swiss warned.

67 ′ Di Lorenzo verticalizes for Insigne, Akanji puts the physique in anticipating the Napoli player.

65 ′ Italy tries to attack from the left, but Insigne’s cross for Chiesa is not accurate.

63 ‘Triple change Switzerland: out Rodriguez, Zuber, and Sow, inside Garcia, Vargas and Zakaria.

62 ′ Even Emerson tries the diagonal on the goal: kicks from the left but is central for Sommer.

60 ‘Verratti starts the warm-up, while Switzerland prepares three changes.

59 ′ Double change in Italy: outside Immobile and Berardi, inside Zaniolo (false nueve!) And Chiesa.

58 ‘Aebischer warned for a foul in midfield.

57 ‘Attempt by Zuber with a diagonal from the left, deflected.

56 ′ Double change in sight also for Switzerland.

55 ′ Switzerland tries to answer, but Berardi steals the ball on the right. In the end Frei commits a foul after the blue protection of the ball.

54 ′ Chiesa and Zaniolo ready to enter the field.

53 ′ Before tonight, Jorginho had made 5 out of 5. Tonight the first mistake.

52 ′ JORGINHO WRONGS THE PENALTY! Weak shot to the left of Sommer, who parries to the ground.

51 ‘Berardi on the right goes to hook the ball in the area, Rodriguez slips when the Sassuolo striker decides to steer to the right. Jorginho from the spot.


49 ′ No changes on both sides at the start of the second half.

48 ′ Locatelli is found offside in the left area, Switzerland starts again. Meanwhile, Mancini, from his look on the bench, is not particularly satisfied with his own.

47 ′ Akanji commits a foul on Emerson’s run, Italy free kick.

46 ‘The second half begins!

21.35 The first half ends: 0-0 between Switzerland and Italy. Rossocrociati in growth, even the Azzurri have had their important opportunities.

45 + 3 ′ INSIGNE! Kick directly on goal, with Sommer rejecting!

45 + 2 ‘Italy starts off on the counterattack with Insigne who goes to the left, stops and sees Immobile. However, the center forward is stopped by Akanji. A sliding intervention that could be sanctioned for recklessness. Free kick Italy from the short side of the penalty area, on the left.

45 + 1 ‘Locatelli closes a Swiss attack on the right in a slide.

45 ‘Two minutes of recovery.

44 ′ Attack Switzerland in this final time. Zuber cross from the left, there is none.

42 ′ AKANJI! Swiss free kick from 25 meters, the cross is for the defender who heads the ball to the side of the post.

41 ′ Foul by Chiellini on Steffen: cautioned.

40 ′ Barella returns to the field, slightly limping. Pessina and Zaniolo also warm up.

39 ‘Church begins to heat up on the sidelines, for Barella there is the spray. Meanwhile, ten players resume playing with Italy.

38 ′ The players take the opportunity to cool off.

37 ′ Barella remains on the ground after a fight without the ball, knee to knee, with Sow. Blue staff back on the field.

36 ′ Steffen tries to attack on the right, but the pressure of Emerson forces the goalkeeper to go back to the Azzurri.

34 ′ INSIGNE! Great action from Italy: Locatelli verticalizes for the Napoli player, who wants to put it around. The ball just comes out on the far post.

32 ′ Insigne launches deep Immobile, is anticipated at the last with Sommer outgoing.

31 ′ Switzerland gains a corner to the left, beaten without results by the former Milan Rodriguez.

30 ‘Chiellini commits a foul on Aebischer, Swiss free kick from midfield.

28 ‘EYE! The blues lose the ball in defense, but Seferovic and his teammates are unable to take advantage of it.

26 ′ Still dangerous Italy. Immobile is ready in the area to receive a cut from the right, but Sommer intervenes first.

25 ‘Foul by Zuber in attack, the blues restart with their maneuver.

23 ′ Always Berardi from left to return: ball not very angular, too central for Sommer.

22 ′ Insigne looks for Berardi in the area, ball to Sommer.

21 ′ This time Locatelli opens to the right with the outside, Berardi then angles badly at the far post. Italy grows and remains in the opposing half of the field.

19 ‘BERARDI! Italy starts on the counterattack after the Swiss corner: Berardi, served in depth by Locatelli, is hypnotized by Sommer in front of the door.

18 ′ The game starts again: Zuber tries the cross from the left, Di Lorenzo closes in a corner.

16 ′ Emerson is on the ground for a previously remedied fight. Blue staff on the field.

15 ′ Switzerland tries to strike in turn. Steffen opens from the right towards the center but does not find Seferovic.

14 ′ PROPERTY! Italy insists with Berardi waiting for the opponent on the right, then the cross in for Immobile: the shot from before Lazio goes high.

13 ′ First chance for Italy! Barella sees Immobile vertically in the area, the ball then happens to Insigne who does not kick very well. Sommer saves in two stages.

12 ′ Emerson goes to the ground on the left, pressed by Widmer. The ball, however, crosses the end line, Switzerland throw-in.

11 ′ Rodriguez stops Berardi on the right wing. The blues try to make a cross in the area.

10 ′ Here is the game change on the left, but Bonucci does not find Emerson. Switzerland side foul.

8 ′ Even if Mancini is not particularly happy: it is played mainly on the right without game changes.

6 ′ The game has yet to be unblocked, but Italy promises well with its ball round.

4 ′ Another foul in midfield: it is from Sow, on Insigne. The Swiss warned.

3 ′ Barella is fouled, it is Italy punishment.

2 ′ The start of the match sees Switzerland press with great aggression on the blue ball possession.

1 ′ The game begins!

20.44 So much enthusiasm at the stadium, soon we leave!

8.43 pm Now, the Swiss Psalm.

20.42 Teams in the field for the national anthems: we start from the Mameli anthem.

20.40 The last precedent between the two teams dates back to the second day of Euro 2020: it ended 3-0 for the Azzurri.

20.35 The Spaniard Carlos will referee From Cerro Grande, assisted by compatriots Pau Cebrian Devis and Roberto Alonso Fernandez. Fourth official, Mr. José Luis Munuera.

20.30 It is played at the St. Jakob-Park in Basel with about 35 thousand spectators, of which 12 thousand are Italians.

20.25 The match between Switzerland and Italy is valid for the fifth day of group C relating to the qualifications for the next World Cup in Qatar, in 2022.

20.10 The official formation of theItaly (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson Palmieri; Barella, Jorginho, Locatelli; Berardi, Immobile, Insigne. CT: Mancini.

20.00 The official training of the Swiss (4-2-3-1): summer; Widmer, Elvedi, Akanji, Rodriguez; Aebischer, Frei, Sow; Steffen, Zuber; Seferovic. CT: Yakin.

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to Diretta Live from Switzerland-Italy, football match valid for qualifying for the next World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The probable formations

SWITZERLAND (3-4-1-2): Summer; Elvedi, Akanji, Rodriguez; Widmer, Zakaria, Sow, Zuber; Fassnacht, Vargas; Seferovic. CT. Yakin.

ITALY (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson; Barella, Jorginho, Locatelli (Verratti); Church, Building, Insigne. CT. Mancini.

Switzerland-Italy will be visible exclusively on Rai 1 starting at 20:30 with the pre-match, kick-off at 20:45, and from 23 with the post-match which continues on Rai Sport + HD, channel 57 of the digital terrestrial. There is also the option to stream on Rai Play, directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

L’Italy, on the other hand, he is back from a 1-1 draw after winning this summer at the European Championship. Many opportunities but little cynicism ahead. This match will be an important test, Mancini does not want to throw everything away immediately. Even among the blues many are unavailable: in addition to Spinazzola, there are also Meret, Cragno, Lazzsri, Belotti and Mancini.

Ls Swiss is in his first qualifying match in this window dedicated to the Nationals. In fact, Yakin’s squad played with Greece in a friendly, winning 2-1. But to this challenge the difficulties are only high because at Euro 2020 the Swiss immediately took three in Rome, and today the absences are felt. One of all that of Granit Xhaka after the positivity at Covid, he who is a no-vax. Also in the pits Embolo, Mbabu, Shaquiri, Gavranovic, Benito and Comert.

OA Sport offers you the DIRETTA LIVE from Switzerland-Italy, football match valid for qualifying for the next Qatar 2022 World Cup: real-time news and constant updates. Kick-off at 20:45. Good fun!

Photo: LaPresse

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