Bowel cleansing diet to lose weight and feel light

Bowel cleansing diet to lose weight and feel light
Bowel cleansing diet to lose weight and feel light

Proper intestinal function is the basis of a good quality of life. How to get it? The bowel cleansing diet is essentially rich in foods containing water and fiber. In this way, many intestinal symptoms, bothersome and badly tolerated, can be alleviated.
The diet to help the intestine will help you eliminate all the annoying problems associated with abdominal bloating and digestive difficulties. Few easy rules to feel better e lose weight!

Purify the intestine with diet
When to start one purifying diet? Keeping in mind that it is always the right time to follow a correct and balanced diet, avoiding too salty and high-fat foods, the best time would be especially at the end of the season.
There are times when our gastrointestinal system is put to the test: holidays for example or after the summer holidays, in which traditionally the diet and we indulge in some extra excess. Especially when it is very hot, the intestine can react by slowing down its work even more if the intake of food is greater than usual. The slowing down of intestinal transit therefore involves the fermentation of food, the accumulation of gas and therefore abdominal swelling, cramps and constipation.
Not just inconveniences if you do not immediately make a change to your diet, but also to the same habitual lifestyle that could affect the proper functioning of our body. In fact, not only an unbalanced diet, but also a sedentary lifestyle or the abuse of carbonated drinks or certain foods can lead to the onset of a problem that can also become chronic. By changing your lifestyle you can reap great benefits not only for the intestine, but for our whole body!
Warnings and advice to keep in mind for the purifying diet
Before proceeding, a necessary premise must be made. Generally it is not good to vary your diet without having previously consulted a specialist or at least your doctor. This is true both if you want to lose weight and if you want to bring benefits to your body by changing your nutritional habits. This is especially true for those who suffer from particular pathologies or pregnant women. This diet is not recommended for those suffering from disorders, chronic diseases or inflammations affecting the gastrointestinal tract: in any case, before starting a diet as anticipated, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor.
Do not make any changes to your usual diet, unless agreed with your doctor: always evaluate the relationship between risks and benefits before starting a diet! In some cases you could also run into serious health risks, so it’s okay to want to lose weight and feel better, but do so with all the required precautions.

Purifying diet
Following a purifying diet which will have its strength in seasonal fruit and vegetables. It is necessary to return to a regular and healthy diet, which does not mean that it is without taste. We start with breakfast, which should never be skipped: eliminating meals does not help you lose weight, but makes you even more hungry and therefore unable to resist the desire to swallow whatever food is at hand.

Diet to help the gut, lose weight and feel lighter
The well-being of the organism starts first of all from what we introduce to you: it is clear that if we base our daily diet on commercial or excessively caloric foods, what we will get will be a slow metabolism and many extra pounds. By regulating our diet in a healthy way, we will be able to stimulate the body to burn calories and eliminate the swelling that bothers us so much and creates poor digestion. Better results can be achieved by combining constant physical activity and drinking lots of water.
Foods with the most high fiber content are fruit and vegetables, followed by legumes and whole grains and flours.
When buying pasta or brown rice, pay attention to the labels, which must clearly state the purity of the original products. In fact, the wording “wholemeal” often hides foods subjected to refining processes that completely lose all the qualities of the original product. Among the fruits the richest in fiber are plums, pears, strawberries, blackberries, oranges and raspberries. We also do not neglect dried fruit, even if limited in quantity given its caloric intake: almonds, walnuts, pistachios are a panacea. All legumes are allowed, but if you suffer from swelling prefer lentils. The same goes for cereals: oat flakes, puffed rice or barley and spelled for delicious salads are ideal for breakfast or as a snack. Among the vegetables choose spinach, artichokes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, salad of various kinds and corn.
By incorporating these foods into your daily diet from breakfast to dinner and reducing the consumption of sugars and fats, you will be able to lose weight in a healthy way. The only condiment allowed is extra virgin olive oil: one tablespoon a day, preferably raw. Give the green light to spices to flavor foods: curry, paprika or traditional aromas such as basil and rosemary, will make your dishes tasty without adding calories! Never skip breakfast and snacks: choose semi-skimmed milk or low-fat yogurt to which you can add fruit and cereals. Finally, walk in the open air at least twenty minutes, if you can, every day: you will help your mood and body! A golden rule for well-being, also valid for those who are not on a diet, is to always guarantee the body good hydration.

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