Volleyball, European, Italy’s second victory

Volleyball, European, Italy’s second victory
Volleyball, European, Italy’s second victory

For De Giorgi’s blues, success without problems. And tomorrow they will face Silvano Prandi’s Bulgaria

Italy-Montenegro 3-0 (25-19, 25-20, 26-24)

Second victory for men’s Italy at the European Championship that has just begun. All according to predictions against the modest Montenegro that De Giorgi’s blues easily overcome. A game to pick up the pace of the race and refine the game agreements with Giannelli. Attentive and concentrated Azzurri, Pinali and Michieletto a bit fluctuating in attack (the Trentino hitter went from 100% positivity in the first set to 25% in the second) but overall the Azzurri team showed the right aggressiveness. Montenegro (in which Marko Vukasinovic plays, next year in Ravenna) tried to limit Italy to the wall but never managed to worry them too much in reception. Second and third most closely fought sets, also thanks to some carelessness of Italy who in the third also finds themselves down by three at 19-22 before going on to win the advantages.

With Bulgaria

Tomorrow we will be back on the pitch immediately at 3.45 pm against Silvano Prandi’s Bulgaria, also with two wins, who yesterday beat the Czech Republic at the tie break with 31 points from Atanasov and 17 each for Sokolov and Skrimov

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Volleyball European Italys victory

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