“So we found the fugitive tobacconist”

“So we found the fugitive tobacconist”
“So we found the fugitive tobacconist”

“This is the first time this has happened to us but the computer systems we have developed have worked perfectly”. This was told to Adnkronos by the general director of the Customs and Monopoly Agency Marcello Minenna about the daring story of the Naples tobacconist accused of stealing the ‘Scratch and Win’ ticket worth half a million euros from the winning customer, running away away by scooter and stopped today at Fiumicino airport. He was ready to fly to Fuerteventura without, however, carrying the ticket in his suitcase which has not yet been found.

Technology helped find the fugitive. “We know what the coupon is (the payment of the winnings was obviously suspended) thanks to the fact that the husband of the tobacconist, holder of the license, used a mobile phone to check the lucky ticket three times. It was therefore possible to trace the cell phone and the movements of the cell phone and its owner as far as Fiumicino. For this reason, there was an important collaboration between the carabinieri, the investigations office of the Customs and Monopoly Agency and the border police. “With us everything is recorded, monitored on our computer systems, so it is important that the Game is legal. It was in this way that we understood what was happening”.

The coupon, however, has not yet been found. “When we have to recover the ticket, it will be my responsibility to return it to the legitimate holder” adds the director Minenna who says “sure that the story will have a happy ending“. If he does not find himself, explains Minenna,” then the ways of litigation will be explored “, but” I am optimistic since the Carabinieri of Naples are operating with a great sense of duty “. At the moment” the tobacco shop license has been suspended. “. As for the owner,” the lady will have to prove her complete strangeness since it was her husband who committed the theft and, if in court it is proved that she has nothing to do with it, balanced and objective acts will be perfected on our part. “.

from Chiara Moretti


fugitive tobacconist

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