Coup d’etat in Guinea: Morocco’s national team is locked up in a hotel

Coup d’etat in Guinea: Morocco’s national team is locked up in a hotel
Coup d’etat in Guinea: Morocco’s national team is locked up in a hotel

In Conakry powers to the military who arrested President Condè. Hakimi and his teammates, who tomorrow had to challenge the hosts for the world qualifiers, safe in a hotel in the suburbs. The Moroccan federation has prepared an evacuation flight

Uncertainty. And worry. Since this morning Conakry, the capital of Guinea, has fallen into chaos due to an attempted coup d’etat perpetrated by the special forces of the army. After a morning of shootings, blocked roads and a massive presence of gunmen, it was announced that President Alpha Condé has been arrested by special forces in the army. The 83-year-old head of state was re-elected for a third time amid major controversy last year. Colonel Mamady Doumbouya gave a speech on national television, RTG. National flag behind, camouflage suit and red cap, Colonel Doumbouya announced the dissolution of the government, the suspension of the Constitution and the creation of a junta, presented with the acronym CNRD, National Committee for Recovery and Development. The officer promised respect for “popular sovereignty” and the start of “an inclusive dialogue” to draft a new fundamental charter.


In all this, in Conakry there is the Moroccan national team, who after beating Sudan at home, tomorrow at 18 had to challenge Guinea in a match valid for qualifying for Qatar 2022. With the coach Vahid Halilodzic there are many players involved in Europe, from Achraf Hakimi to Viola Maleh and Amrabat, to the three of Sevilla Bounou, En-Nesyri and Munir. Didier Six’s Guinea is captained by Liverpool’s Naby Keita and Roma player Diawara is also in his ranks. It is not yet clear where the home team is. According to reports from Conakry, the Moroccan national team is safe. The embassy asked members of the expedition to stay in the hotel, which is located on the outskirts, far from the epicenter of the clashes taking place on the Kaloum peninsula, pending evacuation, while FIFA has officially postponed the race. In the meantime, the Moroccan football federation has moved, organizing a flight to evacuate the national team. Federal President Mohamed Makrouf told the France Press news agency: “There is already an aircraft waiting for them at the airport”.

“Shoot out”

Interviewed by L’Equipe, Moroccan coach Halilhodzic stated that “shots can be heard outside the hotel. We are waiting for the green light to go to the airport but at the moment it has not yet arrived. It takes between 45 ‘and an hour to get there and the roads are not safe. The presidential palace is not far from where we are. We’ve been hearing shooting since 10 this morning. The players are tense, I’m used to it, since the war in the former Yugoslavia ”.

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Coup detat Guinea Moroccos national team locked hotel

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