Athletics, Tamberi and Tortu do well at the Chorzow meeting

Athletics, Tamberi and Tortu do well at the Chorzow meeting
Athletics, Tamberi and Tortu do well at the Chorzow meeting

In Chorzow, Poland, Elena Vallortigara also wins in the high jump with 1.96. In Padua, on the other hand, a catwalk for Stano and Palmisano and a great 21.71 in the weight of Zane

There is a lot of Italy protagonist in the post Tokyo Games. Especially on a day in which of the seven Olympic champions (yes, seven!) Compete in five.

A Chorzow

At the Memorial Skolimowska in Chorzow, Poland, the tenth Gold stage of the Continental Tour, the second circuit of the international federation, there are two prestigious victories in the top, with also two Azzurri in the light in the 200. The successes on the platform, in the presence of a competition of value, they bear the signatures of Gimbo Tamberi and Elena Vallortigara, capable of important measurements: 2.30 and 1.96. He, in the outdoor season, did better only at the Golden Gala in Florence (2.33) and at the Japanese Games (2.37). For her it is the second performance of her career (equaled), six centimeters from the London 2018 staff. They both have something to celebrate. In the 200 of the Olympian Andre De Grasse (20 ”21 / + 0.2), Filippo Tortu shines, third with 20” 40, a little less Fausto Desalu, fourth with 20 ”52. The first, on his debut after the glories of Tokyo, returned to distance after 27 months. Exam passed: the financier, with a reaction to the shot to be reviewed (0 ”238), a curve pulled to the right point, a good entry into the straight and a finish that is anything but in defense, remains 4/100 from the staff. Fausto, on the other hand, in the lead up to 120-130 meters, in the final – as he did last week in Lausanne and Paris – pays for the weariness of a long season. But the future is also on his side. In a tricolor key there is also the personal of Pietro Riva in the 3000 (7’45 ”52, eighth) and a 66.49 by Sara Fantini in the hammer (fifth). On an international level, above all, the 10 ”81 (+0.4) of Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser in the 100.

A Padova

The 34th meeting in Padua is the catwalk for Massimo Stano and Antonella Palmisano, at the “first” (with a 2000 meters) after winning the gold in five circles in the 20 km walk. The applause of Colbachini is all for Patrick Parcesepe’s two pupils from Puglia who, for once, can not push on the accelerator to win. In the meeting organized by the Assindustria, the best technical result is from a constantly growing Zane Weir: the South African native trained by Paolo Dal Soglio, in the weight in Tokyo splendid fifth, shoots the iron ball at 21.67, personal increased by others of 26 centimeters compared to the Olympic final, its third consolidated all-time Italian measure. The 100 is by Michal Norman (9 ”97 / -0.5) who precedes Marvin Bracy by one cent. Among the still brilliant Italians Edo Scotti, second in the 400 with 45 “58, Paolo Dal Molin, second in the 110 hs with 13” 45 (-1.3) and Elena Bellò, fifth in the 800 with 2’00 “88, at 44/100 by the staff on Tuesday in Rovereto.

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Athletics Tamberi Tortu Chorzow meeting

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