Love is in the Air and Brave and Beautiful, which soap will stop? The news

Love is in the Air and Brave and Beautiful, which soap will stop? The news
Love is in the Air and Brave and Beautiful, which soap will stop? The news

Love is in the Air and Brave and Beautiful, what will happen to the two soap operas in the fall programming? Will they be suspended with the beginning of Amici di Maria De Flippi, of the “strip” of Big Brother Vip and of Afternoon 5? The news for the two Turkish TV series starts tomorrow, 6 September. Let’s see together.

Love is in the Air e Brave and Beautiful what will happen with the start of the autumn leader programs, some of which have also anticipated their programming? Meanwhile there will be a time change, a doubling of bets (for a week) and then a of the two soap it should suspend broadcasting.

Love is in the Air and Brave and Beautiful, listening success

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Both the soap Turkish opera have recorded excellent ratings. The events of the couple Serkan and Eda and the adventures of Cesur e Suhan they had a crescendo of interest from the public. Love is in the Air, which in Turkey is airing the second season, has touched peaks also 20%.

While Brave and Beautiful fluctuated between 16 and 18% share. And indeed Mediaset he has continued their broadcast for the whole summer. But what it will happen with the arrival of Friends, of the Big Brother e from Afternoon 5?

Love is in the Air “promoted” for autumn with time changes

Good news for i fan at Serkan Bolat e in Eda Yildiz: Channel 5 will continue to broadcast the Turkish soap also in autumn. Mediaset has decided to do continue Love is in the Air even if there will be some change of timetable of its broadcast starting tomorrow, Monday 6 September. The appointment with the soap will air starting from 16:30 in order then to leave space for Afternoon 5 by Barbara D’Urso.

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Then again a time change. The September 13, instead, with the return of Men and women the soap will go on air at about 16:15 about, while from September 14, when the Big Brother Vip strip and will slip Everyone 16:25. From September 20, with the arrival of the strip afternoon of di Friends 21, Love is in the Air will change time again and should start at 16:45 and continue until 17:35 when will start Afternoon 5.

Brave and Beautiful, double bets and then stop?

The recorded episodes of Men and women, conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi and which has an average of 3 million viewers, will air from 13 September at approximately 2.45 pm. What will happen to it Brave and Beautiful? Will it be suspended? The sure thing is that since September 6 to September 10 one is expected “super” week: all fans of the events of Cesur and Suhan will be able to attend one double bet per day give her 14:45 to approximately 16:30.

Then? For now we are talking about one Suspension. Even if the Mediaset strategy could be that of find free slots and broadcast the episodes that are missing at the end of the soap which in Italy is composed gives 96 episodes.

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