Italy dominates above with Tamberi and Vallortigara, Tortu third in 200, Desalu – OA Sport fourth

Italy dominates above with Tamberi and Vallortigara, Tortu third in 200, Desalu – OA Sport fourth
Italy dominates above with Tamberi and Vallortigara, Tortu third in 200, Desalu – OA Sport fourth





19.12 Our live broadcast ends here, thanks for following us up to this point, good continuation of the evening with the news of the Azzurri’s races on OA Sport.

19.11 Chorzow’s meeting ends here, positive for the blue colors with the victories in the high jump of Tamberi for men (2.30) and Elena Vallortigara for women (1.96). Good tests also for Filippo Tortu and Eseosa Fostine Desalu, respectively third and fourth in the 200 meters with 20 ″ 40 and 20 ″ 52.

19.10 62.29 for Malachowski who finishes fourth, the Slovenian Ceh wins, according to the Lithuanian Gudzius, third the Jamaican Dacres.

19.08 Last career launch for Piotr Malachowski, Polish discobolter born in 1983 who today closes his career, in which he won two Olympic silver medals in Beijing and Rio.

19.05 Last launch.

19.02 On the fifth jump: 1. Ceh (Slovenia) 66.65, 2. Gudzius (Lithuania) 65.89, 3. Dacres (Jamaica) 64.91.

19.00 Last launches of the men’s disc then the Chorzow meeting will close.

18.57 Poland double, Natalia Kaczmarek wins in 50 ″ 70 (personal) ahead of Anna Kielbasinska (51 ″ 19), third Jamaican Candice McLeod in 51 ″ 88.

18.54 The presentation of the 400 women is underway.

18.51 In the puck on the fourth throw the Lithuanian Andrius Gudzius commands with a 65.89 on the second throw.

18.49 Now the last track race of the day, the women’s 400.

18.46 In the shot put victory for the Olympic gold, the American Ryan Crouser with 22.39, according to compatriot Joe Kovacs (22.00), third Tom Walsh (New Zealand) with 21.68.

18.43 In the 400 the American Michael Cherry triumphs in 44 ″ 94, according to compatriot Vernon Norwood (45 ″ 12). Third Deon Lendore (Trinidad and Tobago) in 45 ″ 31.

18.41 False start in the 400.

18.39 Among the competitions, the men’s shot put and discus throw remain to be closed.

18.37 Now the penultimate race on the track, namely that of the men’s 400 meters.

18.34 In the pole vault the American Chris Nilsen wins with 5.86, second compatriot Kc Lightfoot and Filipino Ernest John Obiena who stop at 5.80.

18.33 The 1992 class of the Fiamme Oro is wrong and therefore takes the race home with 2.30 and celebrates with a double somersault.

18.31 Third attempt for Gianmarco Tamberi at 2.36.

18.29 Canadian double in the 200 meters, Andre De Grasse wins in 20 ″ 21, according to Jerome Blake in 20 ″ 32, an excellent third place for Filippo Tortu with a great recovery in the final straight, the 1998 class closes in 20 ″ 40 ahead of Eseosa Fostine Desalu , fourth in 20 ″ 52.

18.28 The blue that detaches from far away is wrong, now the last attempt with the victory already won.

18.27 Tamberi decides to move to 2.36.

18.26 False start.

18.24 It’s time for the 200 meters, presentation in progress.

18.23 Nothing for Tamberi on the first attempt at 2.34.

18.20 GIANMARCO TAMBERI WINS! Withdrawal for the Ukrainian Bohdan Bondarenko who closes third behind the Russian Ilya Ivanyuk, now the blue will continue with 2.34.

18.19 There will then be Wdowik (Poland), Mitchell-Blake (Great Britain), Martinez (Dominican Republic), Guliyev (Turkey), Blake (Canada) and Pietrusa (Poland).

18.18 Soon the start of the 200 meters with Filippo Tortu and Eseosa Fostine Desalu who will challenge the Olympic champion, the Canadian Andre De Grasse.

18.16 It now remains to be seen if the Ukrainian Bondarenko will directly try the 2.33.

18.14 FLY GIMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!! 2.30 exceeded by a large margin by the Olympic gold!

18.13 Tamberi tries to warm up the public for his third attempt at 2.30.

18.12 Ilya Ivanyuk fails for the third time 2.30 and closes her race here.

18.11 Second error for both Tamberi and Ivanyuk at 2.30, Bondarenko also passed this measure after 2.27.

18.09 The Kenyan Wycliffe Kinyamal wins the 800 meters in 1’44 “63, according to the Polish Kacper Lewalski with the staff (1’44” 84), third the British Daniel Rowden in 1’44 “89.

18.08 First mistake of the day for Gianmarco Tamberi on the first attempt at 2.30.

18.05 The men’s 800 race starts, then it will be the turn of the 200 with Filippo Tortu and Eseosa Fostine Desalu.

18.04 Kobielski and Sullivan leave the scene at 2.27 high, Tamberi, Ivanyuk (who overcame the measure on the third attempt) and Bondarenko who decided to jump remain.

18.02 Pawel Fajdek wins with 79.60 in the hammer throw in front of compatriot Wojciech Nowicki (77.45). Third was the Norwegian Elvind Henriksen with 77.38.

18.01 Also void for Ilya Ivanyuk and Norbert Kobielski at the second attempt at 2.27.

17.59 Second mistake for Darryl Sullivan (USA) and Bohdan Bondarenko (Ukraine) at 2.27.

17.57 TAMBERIII !!! The Marchesman continues in his clear path even overcoming 2.27 at the first attempt, all the others are wrong.

17.55 The Belarusian Nastassia Maslava triumphs in the hammer throw with 69.88, second the Polish Malwina Kopron at 69.75, third the other Polish Joanna Fiodorow with 68.56. Sara Fantini closes fifth with a 66.49 found at the first launch.

17.53 The Pole Pawel Fajdek finds a 79.60 at the sixth throw in the hammer and undermines the compatriot Nowicki from the first position (77.45 per second).

17.52 On the second attempt at 2.24 Sullivan Ivanyuk, Bondarenko and Kobielski exceed the measure.

17.50 The men’s shot put contest begins.

17.49 Vince Fraser-Pryce, “the pocket rocket” is imposed with a 10 “81, second the Swiss Mujinga Kambundji in 11” 08, third the British Daryll Neita with 11 “15.

17.47 The presentation of the 100 women is underway.

17.44 GIMBOOOOOOOO !!!!!! The Olympic champion is perfect, 2.24 at the first attempt and first place alone.

17.43 In the high jump Sullivan, Bondarenko, Kobielski and Ivanyuk all make mistakes on the first attempt at 2.24, now Gianmarco Tamberi.

17.41 At 17.45 the departure of the women’s 100 with the Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

17.40 The Olympic bronze makes a mistake for the third time and leaves the scene, five altists remain in the race.

17.39 Second mistake for the Belarusian Nedasekau at 2.20.

17.38 2.20 to the first also for Sullivan (USA), Bondarenko (Ukraine) and Kobielski (Poland).

17.36 WELL DRINKS! The blue exceeds, albeit in a not completely clear way, the 2.20 at the first attempt, a mistake for Ivanyuk and Nedasekau.

17.34 It is the Jamaican Hansle Parchment who triumphs in the 110 obstacles in progression with a 13 “26, according to the American Devon Allen in 13” 37, third the Jamaican Damion Thomas in 13 “50.

17.32 Shelby McEwen (USA) is the first to leave the scene in the high with three errors at 2.15.

17.30 Now it’s the turn of the 110 obstacles on the track.

17.29 In the pole vault, the American Nilsen is the only one to exceed 5.80 on the first attempt among the six remaining.

17.28 GIMBO! Tamberi (today in sweatpants and basketball shorts) exceeds 2.15 on the first attempt.

17.26 Error for the American McEwen (winner in Rovereto) and Ivanyuk in the high on the first attempt at 2.15.

17.24 The British Jemma Reekie wins the 1000 meters in 2’35 “47, second the Ethiopian Hirut Meshesa (2’35” 74), third the American Dani Jones in 2’36 “63.

17.23 Tamberi exceeds 2.10 on the first attempt, only the Russian Ivanyuk misses who then exceeds the first measure on the second attempt.

17.20 The 1000 women leave, meanwhile Tamberi is on his first attempt at 2.10.

17.18 The next race on the track will be that of the women’s 1000 meters.

17.16 Third mistake for the French Valentin Lavillenie at 5.70 in the pole vault with Renaud’s brother who therefore leaves the scene.

17.13 The men’s high jump competition begins which will see Gianmarco Tamberi at the start, these other competitors: Sullivan (USA), McEwen (USA), Bondarenko (Ukraine), Kobielski (Poland), Ivanyuk (Russia) and Nedasekau (Belarus) .

17.10 The Nigerian Tobi Amusan wins the 100 obstacles in 12 “64, second the Jamaican Megan Tapper (12” 75), third the American Cristina Clemons who precedes the Polish Klaudi Siciarz in 12 “92.

17.09 The Pole Nowicki takes the lead in the hammer with a 77.45 on the third throw.

17.06 False start.

17.04 The 100 women’s obstacles will soon start.

17.02 The Portuguese Dongmo wins the shot put contest with a 19.32, according to the American Ewen at 19.31, the Swedish Roos third with 18.74.

17.00 Sara Fantini makes her debut with a 66.49 at the first throw in the women’s hammer race.

16.55 With the 1.96 found today, in addition to winning the race Elena Vallortigara also hit the minimum for the Eugene 2022 World Championships.

16.50 The women’s shot put contest with the blue Sara Fantini is also underway.

16.45 In the first part of the program Pietro Riva also competed, eighth with the staff in the 3000 meters (7’45 ″ 52) and Elena Vallortigara, who triumphed in the women’s high jump with 1.96 (seasonal record) in front of the Ukrainian Herashchenko and to the Polish Licwinko.

16.40 The Azzurri will be the three Olympic gold medals Gianmarco Tamberi in the high jump, Filippo Tortu and Eseosa Fostine Desalu in the 200 meters, with the athlete of the Fiamme Gialle who will return to the competition in this distance two years after the Golden Gala in Rome in 2019 .

16.35 This is the program of the second part of the day at the Stadion Śląski: 17: 05 100hs women

  • 17:10 men’s high jump
  • 5.15pm 1000 women
  • 17.30 110hs
  • 17.45 100 women
  • 17.50 men’s shot put
  • 18:00 800 men
  • 18.15 men’s discus throw
  • 18.20 200 men
  • 18:35 400 men
  • 18.50 and 400 women

16.30 Hello and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of the Chorzow meeting, called “Memorial Kamila Skolimowska” and valid for the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold.

The presentation of the Chorzow meeting – The TV program of the meeting

Hello friends and friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of the Chorzow meeting, called “Memorial Kamila Skolimowska” and valid for the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold. The setting for the event will be the Polish city.

Three of Italy’s five gold medals in athletics will be present at the Tokyo Olympics today. Eseosa Fostine Desalu and Filippo Tortu they will fight on the 200 meters after having been protagonists respectively in the penultimate and last fraction of the blue 4 × 100, bathed in glory in Japan. Then there will be too Gianmarco Tamberi, which will return to the scene for the third time after the gold won ex-aequo with the Qatari Mutaz Essa Barshim in Japan, after the fifth place in Lausanne in the Diamond League (2.24) and the second at the meeting in Rovereto (2.25).

There will also be numerous other big hits in the Polish afternoon, with the Canadian Andre De Grasse (Olympic gold) in the 200 meters, the Jamaican Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce (silver in Japan) in the 100 meters, the American Ryan Crouser, gold both in Tokyo and five years ago in Rio, in the shot put and the German Johannes Vetter in throwing the javelin.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE text of the Chorzow meeting, “Memorial Kamila Skolimowska” valid for the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold. Have fun with the live coverage of the matches at the Stadion Śląski starting at 5.00 pm.

Photo: Lapresse

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