Green pass, Switzerland does not make it mandatory. The reason? Fear of violence

Green pass, Switzerland does not make it mandatory. The reason? Fear of violence
Green pass, Switzerland does not make it mandatory. The reason? Fear of violence

Como – In Italy the green pass is now mandatory almost everywhere, it does not happen so in the nearby and prudent Switzerland where in terms of vaccination certificates they have decided to go there with lead feet, worried and not a little by the violent protests that are registered in the Peninsula and are not lacking even here.

In fact, in recent days the Minister of Health Alain Berset was threatened, so much so that he now avails himself of the protection of some bodyguards, while the Zurich politician Nathalie Rickly she was attacked with a spray by a no-vax militant. At the moment the Federal Council, the equivalent of the Swiss government, has decided not to decide, however, taking note of the request of the cantons and trade unions that ask to accelerate with vaccinations that in the Confederation continue slowly, with 58% of the population vaccinated against 63% of EU countries.

“If the epidemiological evolution requires it, it can however adopt the necessary measures at any time – explains the Federal Council in a note – We will react quickly, after a careful assessment of both the number of hospitalizations and new cases and the evolution of the situation. epidemiological “. Even across the border the eyes are focused on hospitals and in particular on intensive care units in which, at least in the last week, after the negative signs of August the figure has not worsened.

Bern has decided to leave free rein to the individual Cantons who have the right to make the green pass mandatory even in closed public places. Above all, there are not the owners of gyms and sports clubs who compactly rebel against the imposition because many customers rather than vaccinating themselves or taking a tampon every 48 hours to be able to show the green pass at the entrance to the gym, they simply prefer to cancel their subscription or do not renew it at its natural expiration. The Swiss Federation of Fitness and Health Centers has warned that it is absolutely against the obligation of the green pass.

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