Rome, a thousand people in a disco near the Colosseum: closed for 5 days

Rome, a thousand people in a disco near the Colosseum: closed for 5 days
Rome, a thousand people in a disco near the Colosseum: closed for 5 days

Are discos still closed due to Covid? There are those who have decided to ignore the closures (which then, however, require the police). Another nightclub closed by the Local Police of Rome, this time a stone’s throw from the Colosseum.

After the closure of a restaurant in Ostia following the checks carried out on Friday evening, even yesterday evening the white helmets intervened, pretending to be customers, in a restaurant in the Colosseum area.

Inside of over a thousand people intent on dancing in defiance of the anti Covid legislation. The venue was closed for five days and further administrative investigations are underway.

More than a thousand checks carried out by patrols this weekend, with particular attention to the typical places of nightlife, from the Roman coast to the historic center. A targeted vigilance on compliance with the anti-alcohol rules, the provisions to combat the spread from Covid-19, as well as to combat irregular driving behavior. The total amount of the fines imposed is approximately 50,000 euros.

About twenty minimarkets sanctioned and warned, of which 2 closed, as repeat offenders, for non-compliance with anti-covid regulations and for the sale of alcohol beyond the allowed time. In one of these establishments, expired foods were seized, immediately destroyed by Ama, as they are harmful to the health of consumers.

Fines also to patrons for irregular consumption of alcoholic beverages in the street. In terms of traffic police investigations, over a hundred checks were carried out. A vehicle was placed under administrative confiscation for lack of insurance coverage.


Rome thousand people disco Colosseum closed days

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