“The rdc? State methadone”: this is how Giorgia Meloni turns on the left

“The rdc? State methadone”: this is how Giorgia Meloni turns on the left
“The rdc? State methadone”: this is how Giorgia Meloni turns on the left

Also Giorgia Meloni lashes out against the Basic income. Present at the Ambrosoli forum in Cernobbio, the leader of the Brothers of Italy defined him “state methadone, not a development measure“The words of Giorgia Meloni have kindled the hearts of the left, which has always defended the provision.

The first to react was the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando: “I do not answer because those who use these metaphors probably do not realize what poverty is“. The minister, contrary to what was declared when the citizenship income was introduced, declared that”it could not function as active policies, it worked as a fight against poverty“. But he then added”we have to rethink how to harmonize the instrument“. Therefore, also for Andrea Orlando the citizenship income presents some gaps and requires changes. He stressed that it is needed”a serious and real discussion starting from the fact that a substantial part of that audience of poor cannot be employed while a part must be reintegrated socially, especially women“.

Andrea Orlando, who strenuously defends citizenship income despite the obvious shortcomings shown, wanted to get his hands on: “I would not like to see a hate campaign against i poor. Words that exploit the battle of the center-right which, on the other hand, asks for more decisive tools to push for the recruitment and reintegration of workers. The reply by Giorgia Meloni from the Supesalone in Rho was not long in coming: “Precisely because I know what poverty is, I really want to fight it and I don’t want to keep it as it is“. Then he added:”I believe that exactly how the problem of drug addiction can be solved so should poverty be done. Like? By creating work and this the citizenship income did not do it, you can tell all the things you want but the citizenship income was a huge disincentivo at work“.

Also Giuseppe Conte, guest of the party of The daily fact, commented the words of Giorgia Meloni in Cernobbio: “He talked about methadone. I guess Meloni didn’t want to offend the beneficiaries, but it’s a vulgar, strong expression. We must recognize social dignity“. Then also Enrico Letta, present at the Ambrosetti forum, wanted to have his say: “Our position is that of President Draghi: we are in favor of it changing or improving. Let’s start with the things that didn’t work and, however, maintain an intervention in favor of the poverty that exists in our country“. The dem secretary admitted that the rdc has never been an instrument of active labor policy:”Citizenship income has often been thought of as an intervention in favor of employment, but it is an intervention to combat poverty. On the issue of unemployment, apprenticeships need to be reformed and new hires taxed, these are the tools we need“.

Matteo Salvini confirmed his line and sided with Giorgia Meloni in this case: “Citizenship income has not proved efficient. We voted for it, it was a mistake. They are 12 billion euros badly spent that do not produce work but subsistence. Today I will reaffirm the fact that I have the honor of putting my first signature on a finance bill to eliminate it“.


rdc State methadone Giorgia Meloni turns left

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