In the end I vote for Roberto Gualtieri in Rome. For 7 reasons

In the end I vote for Roberto Gualtieri in Rome. For 7 reasons
In the end I vote for Roberto Gualtieri in Rome. For 7 reasons

This time it was not easy to decide what to “do” and which side to stand on. It was not easy for everything that happened in Rome, for what remains a deeply wrong thing for me: having blown up the experience of Ignazio Marino and thus that of an entire ruling class spread at all levels and on all town halls. Many years have passed but that absurd act, that of blowing up one’s own mayor and a collective of people trained in the city, remains something serious for me and that politically one has never really decided to deal with.

I have written for a long time on the subject (on my blog you will find many interventions) and now I don’t want to go back.

The center-left arrived at the challenge of Rome unprepared as a collective, but with many competent individuals who lacked the ability to create a system, to outline a profound, detailed and efficiently grounded vision of Rome.

For many weeks I have changed my mind a thousand times on which mayor to vote and whether or not to vote Pd. Now I have decided. To decide and stop being silent is to take a stand. It also means risking something, in my case a little, just a little reputation with some of you (15 readers of Manzoni’s memory), but I decided to do it for the reasons I tell you below:

1) I think the city cannot afford other mistakes. Resetting Marino to have 5 years of Rays was a political mistake, stuff to retire to the desert for 40 years and disappear from the political scene. It was Rome, not a video game (cit.). But, there is a but: to think that the center-left should be punished by elections and to think that the possible alternatives are Raggi and Michetti is like bludgeoning oneself in the head and thinking that it is good for you.

2) The city is on its knees, you don’t mess around anymore. It is dirty, it does not work, it is not united, it is pissed off, it is prey to self-referentiality more and more gangrenous, it is poor in opportunities, it is difficult.

3) I continue to be consistent with myself. I believe in the majority, I hate personal parties, those that without the founders would not even have 2%. I consider them legless projects, without a long-term vision. This is why I see no hope in the Action and Italia Viva projects, even if I give credit to Calenda for having tried to make an electoral campaign with dignity in terms of content (apart from his temperamental excesses which are his limit to my trust in man and therefore in his project) and to have involved many competent individuals.

4) I will vote Gualtieri. Gualtieri is a man of consultation. It is proving it quite well. If, as it seems, he arrives at the ballot, I think he can win against Michetti and therefore it will be very important that the good ones and not the “armed gangs” receive approval around him (we understand each other)

5) I thought about voting for Roma Futura but I can’t give the vote to yet another project born under elections even if full of people I respect. But if you vote for them you are still voting well.

6) I will vote for Pd. I think the Democratic Party no longer exists, especially in Rome. It is a band of currents + scattered and badly organized groups of good guys also because many of us (yes, sorry I put myself among the good guys, I can afford it at least in Rome) have gone voluntary exile, they grumble from social networks hoping that he will come back for a moment to take the field. I still stubbornly think that inside the Democratic Party there are even more good people than elsewhere. It is a question of numbers. If even in Action and IV which have 2% they were all good people, in the Democratic Party there would still be even more and the municipal ones have this thing that I don’t like about preferences (because not everyone expresses them, I have often said it , that this greatly favors the patronage of some), but at least we can decide whether to give strength to dude rather than to caio.

7) I will vote for Sabrina Alfonsi and Maurizio Veloccia. A lot of people I know and I respect are running for this election. Many that were interrupted in that October of 2015. I want to give that experience another opportunity and I will make my vote available for two people who at the time were City Hall presidents: Sabrina Alfonsi (I am also happy that the Democratic Party has put Sabrina leaders) and Maurizio Veloccia. Sabrina was an inclusive president, who focused a lot on the collective, who listened a lot and who confronted each other and who knows the city well. In recent years we have always remained in contact, confronting each other in the difficult moments of the city and the country, I found a politically lucid person capable of keeping his head on the vision and practice on the territory effectively and without ever exceeding in protagonism. Maurizio is an engineer, he is a big head, he is a party boy like he used to be, he too is someone who knows the city and knows where to put his hands. Their good result will not only be good for them but it will also be good for the Democratic Party to restart and when I say Pd I am not referring to the “brand” of the Democratic Party, but to the history of its community which must find a common home, in any way and under any name that community will remain collected. It must be kept together, I vote hoping that my vote will be a small piece to keep that community together.

PS I am very happy that so many LGBTQI people in all parties and at all administrative levels are applying. It is a sign of the health of the community and I wish all of them to achieve a great result and to make a rich contribution in terms of inclusiveness to the city.

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