Here is the government’s plan to cut bills

Here is the government’s plan to cut bills
Here is the government’s plan to cut bills

The executive is currently working to reduce energy costs: in particular, a reform of the so-called general system charges, so as to see the figure reported in the bill decrease in the medium to long term.

In fact, since 2015, these charges have reached 14-15 billion euros per year, weighing considerably on the electricity tax (well a quarter of the total expenditure).

The rise in the price of raw materials

The increase in the price of raw material, which occurred in the last period following the recovery of the world economy, will lead to a real sting starting this autumn, which is why the executive led by Mario Draghi has decided to take measures, so that citizens are not too burdened economically.

How would the government want to intervene? According to The sun 24 hours, one would be thinking of resorting to delegation as regards the work of reviewing the charges – this is what transpires from the draft of the competition law -, with the addition of a reform of the matter. The intention would also be to shift the burdens for the support of the renewable energies. The latter, according to the data reported by Arera (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment), would represent as much as 70% of the 14.9 billion in charges relating to the year 2020.

The new bill under consideration speaks of placing these charges on the consumption of fossil fuels in heating and transport with gradual mechanisms, but the Ministry of Ecological Transition believes that a “completed reform of the matter”. The discussion, therefore, is still open.

The same Regulatory Authority for energy, networks and the environment would have put forward proposals on several occasions, explaining to the government how important it is to eliminate electricity bill “the charges not directly connected to the objectives of environmentally sustainable development and those aimed at combating energy poverty”. A solution also carried out by the Antitrust, which last March, addressing the Parliament, explained that “these charges can be covered by transfers from the state budget“.

Auctions of CO2 emission permits

While waiting to find a common point, the government is trying to lighten the bill anyway, preventing citizens from suffering increases. This was also confirmed by the president of the Arera Stefano Besseghini, who reported an “open construction site” on the issue.

Considerable help could come from weeks of the European market of CO2 emission permits, which are bringing excellent revenues, with revenues in the second quarter alone of 719 million. According to the Red II Directive, in fact, a portion of the proceeds from CO2 auctions must be allocated “to cover the costs of incentives for renewable sources and energy efficiency through measures that are covered by energy tariffs“.

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