Salone del Mobile 2021, today the inauguration of the Supersalone in Rho with Mattarella-

Salone del Mobile 2021, today the inauguration of the Supersalone in Rho with Mattarella-
Salone del Mobile 2021, today the inauguration of the Supersalone in Rho with Mattarella-

International design had been waiting for this moment for 17 months, after the cancellation of the last edition last year and the postponement of this spring due to the pandemic. This morning at 10 the Salone del Mobile in Milan – renamed for the occasion and the many innovations introduced in this edition «Supersalone» – has opened its doors.

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Salone del Mobile Milano 2021: photos

At 11 the ribbon cutting was attended by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The president of Fiera Milano and president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, the president of the Salone Maria Porro, welcomed the head of state at the Fiera in Rho, home of the international kermesse dedicated to design which will last six days and will be open to all. president of FederlegnoArredo Claudio Feltrin, the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala, the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana and the prefect of Milan Renato Saccone. After the ribbon cutting, Mattarella will make a short tour of the pavilions, and will take part in the official ceremony which will open with the Mameli anthem sung by the singer Marco Mengoni. L‘special edition this year, which bears the signature of the architect and president of Triennale Milano Stefano Boeri, marks the post-pandemic recovery: “It is a good sign for the sector, for Lombardy, for the country – said the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana on the sidelines of his arrival at the event -. It is the normality that is advancing, it is only the beginning, we must continue our commitment, we must continue in vaccination and so it will be a definitive beginning. There is a lot of emotion for the idea of ​​starting over ».

Mayor Sala said the same: “It is a good test, many languages ​​are heard on the streets of Milan. It can be a reboot. I believe that the message here is the search for beauty and functionality, because we have lived a lot in our homes and we need them to be welcoming, those of those who are better off but also of those in difficulty and of course these operators have a great responsibility. We have reassessed the priorities of our life, we have understood that health is a delicate part, we have certainly gained awareness of how important the environment is ».

Violating the program, not being expected to intervene, the president of the Republic has decided to speak at the inauguration ceremony of the Salone: ​​«I intend to express my appreciation and best wishes for the Salone del Mobile – said President Mattarella -. This is an event of particular importance that has been habitually, for years, a world reference point for the sector in which our country is at the forefront. This occasion that it gathers business courage, creativity, imagination and culture it is of extraordinary significance at this time for the relaunch of the country. I appreciate the courage and the quality with which this Salone was created ».

To the President of the Republic, he announced las president of the Salone Maria Porro, the poster for the first edition of the Salone in 1961 will be donated: «We are particularly grateful to the head of state – said Porro – who wanted to honor us with his presence. It is an honor to be here to celebrate the restart of a sector that represents absolute excellence in Made in Italy. We are a creative and manufacturing industry. With my fellow entrepreneurs, architects, designers and the city of Milan I share the passion and energy that has made the Salone del Mobile great over the decades.“. Suggesting that the innovations introduced this year could remain in the next editions: “This year is an unprecedented event that we wanted to call” supersalone “, and which embodies the culture and courage with which the sector is facing challenges, a circular and sustainable edition that marks a fundamental paradigm shift. It is a turning point from which there is no turning back ».

An edition that will help the city to return to having a key role on the international scene and as a guide of the country: “Milan is moving and with Milan Italy is moving again”, Sala said at the inauguration, underlining the “value of an event that brings the country’s productive image to the world and is an invitation to assume our responsibilities: Milan must want to lead the restart and show the way“. And the signs can already be seen around the city: «These days being around Milan and hearing so many young people speaking in so many different languages ​​is exceptional. This is a special edition that represents a gesture of courage and responsibility. It is the shot of pride of a sector that tries to restart, a unique event that will involve the city and the country. Over the years, Milan has built a constructive self-image in its ability to dialogue with the world. In this, Expo was a key event, but since then Milan’s leading role on the international scene has never failed. The epidemic caused a temporary setback, because the reasons for our success are there: our business system, our universities, the world of associations, our centuries-old history are ready to get back on track and they are doing. It will be an appointment marked by optimism ».

The president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana reiterated how much the Salone del Mobile is “historically the manifesto of Lombard excellence and know-how, of an elevated craftsmanship to art: a meeting between ingenuity and industry, favored by the irreplaceable role of the company. In fact, through their creativity and their investments, it is companies that move the design and furnishing system, an indispensable and strategic sector from a production and employment point of view ».

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