The Porsche center opens on the 11th at the Castrezzato racetrack

The Porsche center opens on the 11th at the Castrezzato racetrack
The Porsche center opens on the 11th at the Castrezzato racetrack

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The Franciacorta racetrack in the territory of the municipality of Castrezzato has become one of the eight Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) existing in the world. And, occupying an area of ​​60 hectares, it is by far the largest and is the only one to also host a real car circuit, enabled for competitions up to the second level, or just one step below the Formula 1.

Yesterday the Center (which currently employs fifty people) was previewed to the specialized press by Pietro Innocenti, CEO of Porsche Italy, and will be officially inaugurated next Sept. 11, date that in English is written 911, the abbreviation of the most famous model of the German sports brand. Chosen by the Stuttgart company for its central position and for the ease with which it can be reached from the three airports of Milan, Bergamo and Verona, the PEC-Franciacorta adds the plus of being located in an area of ​​great tourist interest, renowned throughout the world also for its refined wine production.

Divided into two large areas (the Customer Center and the Paddock), the new PEC (which involved an investment of over 28 million euros) will be destined for the world of Porsche customers, especially for car tests and driving courses, but will also offer third parties a considerable quantity (and quality) of services, including briefing rooms, restaurant and showroom.

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Porsche center opens #11th Castrezzato racetrack

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