Elly Schlein criticizes Raggi’s policies on women

Elly Schlein criticizes Raggi’s policies on women
Elly Schlein criticizes Raggi’s policies on women

Guest of honor at the press conference that presented some of the candidates of the Roma Futura list, Elly Schlein she has been able to contribute to the debate on Rome with clear, defined and above all issues of struggle, as it is in her way of interpreting political commitment since the time when she was a volunteer for Obama, 13 years ago.

In particular, the former MEP today number 2 of the Emilia-Romagna council, heard by Roma Today on the sidelines of the event, spent a few words on the broad center-left coalition fielded by Roberto Gualtieri to try to win the race at the Campidoglio. “When there is a credible candidacy of a capable and competent person – explained Schlein – when there is a clear and shared project and an idea of ​​how to improve the living conditions of people in this city, then we can join and be competitive, embracing the diversity of all. Roma Futura, for example, has done so, it is an intersectional list or has united various struggles for work, women’s rights, against insecurity and for the ecological transition ”.

As an external observer, the former Democratic Party and Possible said her about the policies of the current Capitoline administration in defense of women. “Surely there was a lack of attention to feminist autonomous spaces – he explains – that bear an important testimony of contrasting gender violence, but also a lack of practices that challenge prejudices against women and accompany a greater employment of women, to rebuild a city that has the times of women and that redistributes in family workloads. Women’s political leadership is not automatically feminist, it is when it puts itself at the service of women. A mayor is not very useful if he does not fight these battles, such as the one on the rights to decide on one’s own body ”.


Elly Schlein criticizes Raggis policies women

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