risk 5 million fines

risk 5 million fines
risk 5 million fines

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“Mille” was the catchphrase of this summer 2021, too bad that for Fedez, Orietta Berti and Achille Lauro the decision of the Antitrust that is evaluating whether it is necessary to apply a sensation for the hidden advertising made to the Coca-Cola brand is still at stake , quoted in the chorus of the song: the fine could reach 5 million euros!

Mille”Was one of the most listened to songs of this summer 2021. A true smash created ad hoc by a truly unusual but very special trio, formed by Fedez, Achille Lauro and the inimitable voice of Orietta Berti: the notes of the song, together with the curious fan dance, immediately became familiar to the public.

It is no coincidence that “Mille” boasts more than 60 million of views on Youtube and an incredible success also on radios and on Spotify. All perfect except that l’Antitrust has decided to open a case to assess whether the use of the trademark “Coca Cola“, Quoted in the famous refrain of the piece may fall within the cases of hidden advertising.

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Mille: video clip of the Antitrust viewfinder

To catch the attention of theAntitrust it wasn’t so much the lyrics as the video Published on Youtube, where the violation of the rules that are usually applied in advertising may have occurred. In the event that a product with commercial purposes appears on the video, this must be reported in a specific and evident manner, in order to protect the public of consumers.

L’Antitrust, therefore, it is trying to proceed in this direction, evaluating what had to be done and questioning the directly interested parties on the matter. At the moment it is difficult to predict what the response will be, but certainly these news make it clear that the clash between Fedez and the Antitrust is destined to last for a long time to come.

In the event that the responsibility on the part of the singers is ascertained, the figure has already emerged to which the more: we talk about 5 million euros that the Antitrust could ask consumers as compensation!

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