Taliban deep in Panshir, “ready to announce the new government” – Chronicle

Taliban deep in Panshir, “ready to announce the new government” – Chronicle
Taliban deep in Panshir, “ready to announce the new government” – Chronicle

Taliban fighters are penetrating deep into the Panshir Valley, the last bastion of resistance in Afghanistan: resistance struggling to hold its own, while many flee their villages, triggering a potential humanitarian crisis. Local sources reveal this, according to which the jihadists, now equipped with modern weapons confiscated from the former Afghan regular army and elite units, have conquered new districts in the valley.

Ali Maisam Nazary, spokesman for the resistance but who is not in the valley, says that the militiamen fighting the Taliban “will never give up”, while former vice president Amrullah Saleh, who is alongside Ahmed Massoud – son of the “Lion of the Panshir “, Ahmed Shah Massoud, killed by the Taliban in 2001 -, notes that the situation is difficult for the resistance and speaks of the risk of a” large-scale humanitarian crisis “triggered by the thousands of inhabitants of Panshir” displaced by the Taliban advance ” .

Until yesterday, at least four districts fell into the hands of the Styudenrti of the Koran. The only certainty is that they have reached the village of Anabah, 25 km from the southern entrance of the Panshir valley, which is 115 km long. The Emergency hospital is located in Anabah: so far the Taliban “have not interfered with the activities of Emergency”, writes the NGO founded by Gino Strada, which adds however that “many people have left their villages in recent days”.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are ready to announce their new government, after three weeks of gestation: this was stated by Inamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban cultural commission, quoted by Tolo News, according to whom the announcement will be made shortly. Samangani said that “there are no obstacles to the announcement of a new government” and that the announcement will take place officially “shortly”. Tolo News notes that there are no rumors about the composition of the executive.

But according to an Afghan analyst, Syed Ishaq Gilani, quoted by the broadcaster, “there will be dozens of technical ministries and they should be occupied by competent technicians”. Furthermore, according to Gilani, the Taliban “will have to consider democracy in the future political system”. Tolo News underlines the presence in Kabul since yesterday of Faiz Hameed, head of the intelligence services of Pakistan (IS), coinciding with the final preparations for the formation of the government. Hameed was photographed together with the Pakistani ambassador at the Serena Hotel in the Afghan capital.

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