Can Unicredit go bankrupt? Here is the whole truth, incredible • Social Periodical

Can Unicredit go bankrupt? Here is the whole truth, incredible • Social Periodical
Can Unicredit go bankrupt? Here is the whole truth, incredible • Social Periodical

Unicredit is the main banking group in our country, born in the late 90s from the merger of previous banks Italian credit e Italian Unicredito, with almost 20 branches located around the world, which has always been considered the most “modern” banking institution in our country, also very active in Eastern Europe but which especially after the economic crisis of 2008 had to face various difficulties, problems which still persist.

Crisis and capital increases

Precisely in September 2008, Unicredit had to face the first part of the crisis which saw it lose almost 30% of the value of its shares), a decision that led the then CEO Profumo to authorize the first capital increase, and the following years were also decidedly tumultuous: the Profumo management ended in 2010 but the crisis did not stop and Unicredit ended up in the eye of the storm of financial investigations, which led to a new reorganization and other capital increases. The situation has “calmed down” only recently but does Unicredit actually risk bankruptcy?

Can Unicredit go bankrupt?

This is a question that many people ask themselves, given that Unicredit includes banks such as Fineco Bank, Banca di Roma, Bipop Carire and Banco di Sicilia, all spread throughout the national territory. One of the latest news on Unicredit’s “health” dates back to a few weeks ago and relates to a new phase, supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development which follows the line of the European Central Bank, to reduce the number of banking institutions in Italy. For some time now there has been a real “brawl” to save historical names such as Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena. In essence, attempts are being made to reduce costs and losses perpetuated in recent years with “alliances” between banking institutions, with the support of the executive.

Basically, a new crisis that leads to the bankruptcy of Unicredit is not impossible, but it is rather unlikely, especially for strictly political reasons.


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