Record municipal elections, 22 candidates for mayor in Rome

Record municipal elections, 22 candidates for mayor in Rome
Record municipal elections, 22 candidates for mayor in Rome

There really is something for everyone in this crowded race for the Capitol: even two lists of nostalgics of the ancient Romans – one wants the sesterces, another is inspired by Nero – while the hammer and sickle and the crusader shield, for the diehards of the First Republic. It will almost certainly be a 4-man race: the outgoing mayor Virginia Raggi against Roberto Gualtieri, Enrico Michetti and Carlo Calenda. But in total 22 try. A record: only in 2013 there were many contenders for the tricolor band, while five years ago they stopped at 16 and in 2008 there were 15. This time the troops swell, over 2 thousand names in contention between the Capitol and the parliaments of the 15 municipalities. And given that, polls in hand, it will be a challenge on the wire, each small party on the ballot risks distracting votes from the main sides.

Who seems to have less competition on the right is Enrico Michetti. The FdI candidate yesterday presented the 6 lists that will support him on 3 and 4 October: in addition to the Melonians, there is Forza Italia, the Lega, the Liberals and the Rinascimento-Cambiamo list by Sgarbi and Toti. Plus the lawyer’s personal number. Beyond the center-right fence, Gian Luca Gismondi runs alone, dusting off the flame with the “Social Idea Movement”. While CasaPound did not show up in the electoral offices in via Petroselli (in 2016 it remedied 1.13%).

Carlo Calenda also delivered the signatures yesterday morning, just before the midday gong: a single sign, for the leader of Action, in which the Renzians from Iv also converged. The leaders will be Annalisa Scarnera, one of the founders of the Roman gay street.
For the center-left, Roberto Gualtieri runs with a team of 7. The last list delivered was that of the socialists, at the top is Bobo Craxi. The other parties had already closed the paperwork on Friday: in the leading block of the Democratic Party there is the outgoing minis mayor of the historic center, Sabrina Alfonsi, and then Ubaldo Righetti, the old glory of Liedholm’s Rome. For the civic of Gualtieri, the leaders will be Monica Lucarelli, former president of the young entrepreneurs of Rome. With the former Minister of Economy, the left unleashes two symbols: the “ecological civic left”, which brings together pieces of Leu, and “Roma Futura”. And again, with Gualtieri, there is the Europa Verde and Demos list of the Ciani regional councilor.

Virginia Raggi tries an encore with a maxi-size coalition. This is already a novelty for the M5S, used to running alone. Alongside the star symbol, here are the “Sportsmen for Rome”, the “Roma Ecologista” promoted by Pecoraro Scanio, a moderate list, “Roma Decide”, the “Women for Rome”, and the civic of Raggi, which nominates a potential big of preferences, the commissioner for personnel, Antonio De Santis, the man who unlocked the competition for over 5 thousand hires. They can annoy the grillina – or at least gnaw on something in percentage terms – the former M5S Monica Lozzi, minisindaca of the VII who will be on track with Civic REvoluzione. And another former star, Senator Margherita Corrado, tries with “Attiva Roma”.
On the left-left, the former Atac driver Micaela Quintavalle tries, with the Communist Party of Marco Rizzo. There is also another “PCI” proposed by Cristina Cirillo. The former city planning councilor of Raggi (torpedoed after a few months) Paolo Berdini will instead be on the field for Rifondazione with “Rome concerns you”. Still on the left, perhaps the most crowded area of ​​the dispute, Francesco Grisolia and Potere al Popolo with Elisabetta Canitano.


Not just hammer & sickle: the crusader shield is back. Rodolfo Concordia is proposed under the banner of the Christian Democrats. “Better the First of the Third Republic – he says – We still need to say”. There are even two of them: Paolo Oronzo Magli launches himself with the Libertas Movement.

Among the “little ones”: the People of the Family line up Fabiola Cenciotti, the list of good manners is in competition with Giuseppe Cirillo, a psychosexologist called “Doctor Seduction”. And the list is still long: here are the liberalists with Andrea Bernaudo; the Gay party with Fabrizio Marrazzo; Italy of values ​​reappears, betting on the consumer tribune, Rosario Trefiletti. Inevitable, an anti-vaccine party: the “3V” movement (which would be: vaccines we want truth) with Luca Teodori. It was said of the nostalgics of ancient Rome: Sergio Iacomoni, a gentleman accustomed to dressing in a tunic, tries with a “Nero List”. And there is also Gilberto Trombetta, with “Reconquest Italy”, who wants the sesterces back.


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