“More vaccines or there is a risk of new closures in the fall” – Corriere.it

“More vaccines or there is a risk of new closures in the fall” – Corriere.it
“More vaccines or there is a risk of new closures in the fall” – Corriere.it
from Monica Guerzoni

The Minister of Health: The vaccine is the tool to avoid new restrictive measures. And on the vaccination obligation: It will be evaluated over the weeks. Not a choice that is already determined and certain, but an instrument that we have and, if necessary, must be implemented without fear

ROME – It will be a stratospheric moment for Italy, we will have the eyes of the world on us, Roberto Speranza is excited at the idea that today in the Campidoglio he will preside over the G20 of Health Ministers. A huge thing, he says it emphatically and immediately shy away: I always try to remain humble, but a really important appointment. We aim to sign the “Rome Pact” to vaccinate the inhabitants of the whole world. An effective title, or a possible goal? The richest and strongest countries – replies to Courier service the minister – undertake to build a vaccination campaign extended to all nations. Nobody saves himself alone and the vaccine is the weapon we have.

Speranza met her American counterpart Xavier Becerra yesterday. And today, in the Hall of the Horatii and Curiazi, I will work to foster an agreement that will help defeat the pandemic. When will we get out? The minister does not dare to date, but cites the consultant immunologist of the White House: Fauci said in 2023 … It will depend on our ability to vaccinate all over the world. This is why today’s G20, in the country that paid Covid a very high price in human lives, is so important to him.

Equally the line of Draghi on the vaccination obligation: I very much appreciated the strength and rigor with which he chose to bet all our chips on the vaccination campaign. A position that jeopardizes the stability of the government? It just doesn’t exist, let’s take care of serious things. The controversy rages and the minister tries to clarify. One of the questions is whether the government will go straight even without the green light from the European Medicines Agency and the answer is: The passage of the EMA would make everything easier, but vaccines are already safe and therefore it can also be done without, as a state for healthcare personnel. A government always has a margin of choice. In what times will the obligation for all be reached? It will be evaluated over the weeks.

Those who oppose, like Salvini, remember that the generalized vaccine does not exist in any European country and that Speranza himself did not push in this direction. But the minister goes straight: We were the first on the obligation for health care workers and then France and numerous other countries followed us. The obligation is not an already determined and certain choice, but an instrument that we have and if necessary must be implemented without fear. Now the epidemiological picture is stable, for Speranza believes that the resumption of school and activities will inevitably lead to an increase in infections: AND the vaccine is the tool to avoid new restrictive measures.

And here are the criteria on the basis of which such a large measure could be taken: The government will take into account the epidemiological picture and hospitalizations, with particular attention to intensive care and the number of deaths, the most dramatic thing. These data will cross over with the percentage of vaccinated. If you do not reach 90% scatter the obligation? I would not give figures that do not have a scientific basis. The choice will be made based on a sum of factors, including the strength of the variant. We could find ourselves in difficulty even with more than 90% vaccinated, or on the contrary not needing the obligation even without reaching that quota.

The minister appeals to the Italians to choose to be vaccinated. He wants it to be clear that the risk is to review the reduction of individual freedoms: The virus still exists, strong and circulating. Either we strengthen the vaccination campaign again, or we are forced to imagine that at some point we must use the measures of the past. Are you saying that red regions and lockdowns will return? I’m saying vaccines save people’s lives. In a pandemic, the blanket risks being short, or we pull it hard on the side of the vaccines or we will have to imagine new closures. And here the reasoning returns to the obligation: If the defense of the right to health and the need to avoid new deprivations of freedom should lead us to this solution, we will certainly not be afraid and we will not stop.

Palazzo Chigi aims to make Italy the forerunner in Europe, or will Draghi seek an agreement with France, Spain, or others? We are not guided by what other countries are already doing, but the need to control a virus that is still spreading in a worrying way. The most important thing is to avoid deaths and not to have to resort to new closures. And if someone thinks that discussing the obligation weakens the vaccination campaign, Speranza assures that it is going very well and thanks the Regions and Commissioner Figliuolo for the overtime work: The boys are giving a lesson to everyone, they have understood better than the others that the vaccine is one. freedom tool. The country in profound harmony with the choices of the government. Has Salvini therefore lost his battle? Speranza says it without sinking too much: Orienting one’s positions on the basis of an electoral interest and not the interest of the country is a profoundly wrong choice and loser, which does not bring great consensus.

Conte’s turning point, on the other hand, did not surprise him. The Minister of Leu is sure that the 5 Stars, from Di Maio to Patuanelli passing through D’Inc, will hold a very mature and responsible line, attentive to scientific evidence. Draghi has also given the green light to the third dose and Speranza anticipates the road map. It will start with the people who have a very low immune response, with transplant recipients, with some types of cancer patients, then the Rsa, the eighty-year-olds and health personnel. As for the extension of the green pass, he hopes it will be ready by the end of the week. Will you also extend the certificate to bus and metro passengers? I am not aware of it. What is realistic is the extension to the public administration. Brunetta is doing an important job to bring back a significant part of people who are in smart working. What about private companies? Orlando and I think that progress must be made by agreeing that the social forces and not against. Dinner begins at the G20, but before saying goodbye Hope freezes expectations on the price of tampons: it has already been calmed and that’s okay. Now we need to incentivize vaccines, which are free for all.

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