Marine Le Pen will be the great absentee at the wedding of her niece Marion-

Marine Le Pen will be the great absentee at the wedding of her niece Marion-
Marine Le Pen will be the great absentee at the wedding of her niece Marion-
from Monica Ricci Sargentini

Next Saturday Marchal will marry Vincenzo Sofo, an MEP who recently passed from the Lega to the Brothers of Italy. The political distance with his aunt grows

A marriage agitates the French far right. Next Saturday Marion Marchal, 31, nephew of Marine Le Pen, will marry Vincenzo Sofo, 34, an MEP who recently moved from the League to the Brothers of Italy. The two met in 2016 in Italy at a Northern League conference. She had to meet Matteo Salvini, he arrived making a scene on his rumbling bike. Two years later their relationship was revealed by Spend that I publish photos of the couple in loving attitudes on the beach.

The wedding was supposed to take place in Italy but, due to the pandemic, the couple changed location opting for the Paris region. Aunt Marine Le Pen, however, will not be there because she is engaged in an important national council in Frejus on the French Riviera where he will hand over the leadership of the party to his deputy in order to better concentrate on next year’s presidential elections in which he hopes to finally beat Macron.

An absence that did not seem casual. The appointment of the National Gathering had long been known, so the wedding date was not chosen at random. Young and beautiful, Marchal and Sofo consider themselves two driving forces of the far right, as well as defenders of the traditional family and Christian values ​​threatened by multiculturalism and immigration, especially from Muslim countries. Marion in 2012 became the youngest deputy in France, she was 22 when she was elected to Parliament. Five years later he left politics to spend more time with his daughter Olimpia but also to create his political training school in Lyon. A few months later he gave up his family surname, a move that was read as an attempt to distance himself from party positions. Unlike her aunt, she has always believed in the need to create a front of the right that can bring together the voters of the National Gathering but also gods Republicans. Sofo, on the other hand, was the co-founder of The Taliban, the innovative and provocative thought laboratory, born in 2009 to fight the economic and social progress of the last 20 years it has brought to the disintegration of peoples and the death of the community as well as of the social spirit.

A friend of Marchal, reports the British The Times, said Aunt Marine’s absence is fine by everyone since the many political divisions between the two women which led to the hypothesis of a new take on the field of Marion in the political arena.

It is said that the young Marchal secretly support ric Zemmour, the far-right TV commentator and polemicist who is considering running for presidency. If true it will be yet another division in the family which has already been crossed by the dissension between Marine and his father Jean-Marie, the founder of the party. The two don’t speak to each other today after she expelled him for his racist and over the top comments.

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