Horror in Piacenza: he takes his daughters to Africa and makes them infibulate

Horror in Piacenza: he takes his daughters to Africa and makes them infibulate
Horror in Piacenza: he takes his daughters to Africa and makes them infibulate

Two foreign girls living in Piacenza were infibulate during what, to them and their mother, seems to have been presented as a simple summer vacation. Now the man risks up to 12 years of imprisonment after the denunciation of his wife, who has remained in Italy. “For those who defend and support these practices, there is no place in our country!“he thundered Matteo Salvini on social media reporting the news that shocked the Piacenza community and the entire country.

A few weeks ago, the man left for his home country in Africa together with his two daughters, still minors. Nothing strange in the eyes of the girls’ mother, who in fact remained in Italy. Now the judges will have to check if the woman was really unaware of her husband’s intentions or if hers was a repentance late once the infibulation has been accomplished. The prosecutor of Piacenza investigates the fact together with the Carabinieri.

On his return to Italy, following the denunciation of his wife, the man was arrested and now, as revealed by the Piacenza newspaper Freedom, risks up to 12 years of imprisonment. The family of foreign origins has lived for several years in Italy, in the Piacenza area, and is now at the center of the attention of the local community, which stigmatizes what happened to the detriment of the two girls. Infibulation in our penal code is a crime and in this case it is aggravated by the fact that it was carried out on two minors. The specific law was promulgated in 2006 and although it is prohibited in most countries of the world, since it is a real mutilation of female genital organs, in many areas it is still widely practiced as a tribal rite.

The problem is not only health but also a cultural one. It is necessary to sensitize women and men of some cultures to reflect on the significance of genital mutilation of female organs“, he told Agi Maria Cristina Molinaroli, in charge of the family consultants of the Piacenza Ausl. The gynecologist said that about 10 women visited in the first months of the year suffered mutilations. “The most exposed are those that come from sub-Saharan Africa, that is the strip that goes from Egypt, to Nigeria, to Ethiopia“, continued the doctor

The case of the two girls resident in Piacenza infibulated by the will of the family in the country of origin – revealed yesterday by the newspaper ‘Libertà’ – is a new alarm bell on the condition of women in too many immigrant families within which a Taliban regime is in force.“, he has declared Anna Maria Bernini leader of Forza Italia in the Senate. “Genital mutilation is severely punished in Italy thanks to the Consolo law, but it is a tribal custom which, although not linked to any religious precept, is unfortunately still practiced and suggested by some imams coming mainly from Somalia and Egypt.“, Bernini continued. The group leader invited everyone to mobilize so that these cases do not happen again and concluded:”If the parents do not agree to integrate, the level of surveillance must be raised to prevent these inadmissible abuses“.

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