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Trieste, shooting between foreign workers: 8 injured, one serious. Bartender: “We barricaded ourselves inside”

Trieste, shooting between foreign workers: 8 injured, one serious. Bartender: “We barricaded ourselves inside”
Trieste, shooting between foreign workers: 8 injured, one serious. Bartender: “We barricaded ourselves inside”

For a day Trieste it turns into a city with armed incursions and gang fights to which the chronicles of South American megalopolises have accustomed us. In front of a bar at 8 on Saturday in the central Via Carducci two groups of people face each other, Kosovar workers e Albanians.

Stools, tables, someone mill bars, moments of turmoil fly. Then, as a witness says, a van arrives and other people get out, they have firearms, shoot and flee. A few minutes have passed, seven men remain on the ground, two in very serious conditions. They are taken to the Cattinara hospital, a couple immediately in the operating room, another two transferred to Monfalcone. A few more minutes later, and near the Lisert motorway barrier, two people are blocked, on whom investigations are underway to understand the role played in the affair and whose arrest orders are expected to be issued.

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Settlement of scores

A city so placid, Trieste, that the woman in the bar opposite had thought of a game between friends, realizing the gravity of the fact only when she saw a person on the ground, someone shooting him and blood. A city that ignores the crime news, even if, when they happen, the facts of “crime” are always serious, if not tragic. This is the case of Meran, who killed two policemen at the police station, or a couple of years earlier, of an immigrant who, also at the police station, disarmed an officer, shot him but the gun jammed, went out, fired again and finally committed suicide.

Kosovars and Albanians

It is not the first time that Kosovars and Albanians have faced each other; last July about ten people hit each other and 4 were injured on the ground, two seriously. Edged weapons and metal pipes were used; the protagonists, always workers. Therefore, it is assumed that these are not criminals but communities that perhaps divide up building contracts (or subcontracts). Police sued 4 people for personal injury.

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The “bewilderment” of the city

The chief prosecutor, Antonio De Nicolo, today in addition to underlining the “bewilderment” of the city, and the danger that the affair could involve strangers, points out the hypothesis of the ambush. In short, a punitive expedition, which makes the rivalry between the two groups take a criminal leap forward: for the spectacle and for the hypothesized crime, attempted murder with the use of firearms. The political reaction was immediate: the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region announced that an urgent session of the public order table will be held on Monday in the building opposite, in the Prefecture. From the tones, there is irritation: the councilor for security, Pierpaolo Roberti, reiterated to the prefect “the need to make an in-depth point of the situation on public order in the city and in particular on the situation linked to the presence of the Kosovar community”.

Anticipating that Monday will renew the “request for greater skills in such a delicate sector”. A couple of hours pass and it is the Governor, Massimiliano Fedriga, who asks for “draconian measures” to “repress any phenomenon of delinquency without delay”, hoping for “harsh repression” and “immediate and decisive responses from the competent authorities”. The president of the Pd group in the Chamber Debora Serracchiani, speaks of the population to be reassured and of violence to be “crushed with the utmost severity”.

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