Here are all the most expensive foods in the world (and where to eat them)

Here are all the most expensive foods in the world (and where to eat them)
Here are all the most expensive foods in the world (and where to eat them)

To eat foods or tasty food sometimes means putting your hand to your wallet. Of course, fortunately in Italy there are great raw materials that do not have a large markup because they are zero kilometer, but the cost of raw materials is often added to the imagination of the chef who often transforms the ingredients into a real work of art.

This is how i extremely gourmet dishes expensive that can be found around the world, and that are not for all budgets, unless you are a star of the entertainment world or a vip of the Web.

Expensive gourmet foods and where to find them

La Stampa has listed some of these very expensive and certainly interesting gourmet foods. One of these comes from the beautiful country: it is the pizza Luigi XIII invented by Renato Viola, with a condiment based on buffalo mozzarella Dop, prawns from Acciaroli, apricot salt, caviar, sea cicadas and Mediterranean lobster. It is a pizza mignon and costs 8,300 euros, but on the other hand the pizza chef with a sommelier brings it home and is served on “important” dishes.

In the United States, in Manhattan, in the Serendipity 3 restaurant, the Creme de la Creme Apple Fries: costs 168 euros and is made with Chipperbec potatoes marinated in Dom Perignon and French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar, fried twice in goose fat, with the addition of truffles and truffle products, as well as 23 carat gold dust.

In the same restaurant, the sandwich is sold Quintessential Grilled Cheese for 180 euros, which is prepared with podolic caciocavallo in bread with butter and champagne, as well as an ice cream, the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae, which costs 21,000 euros and is eaten with a golden spoon and diamonds that remains for the user.

Also in the Big Apple, at 666 Burger in New York is offered for 560 euros Shower Burger, for which, among other ingredients, Kobe beef in gold leaf, foie gras, lobster, truffles and Kopi luwak coffee sauce are used.

In the rest of the world there is no lack of such examples, such as ice cream Black Diamond served at the Scoopi Cafe in Dubai. It costs 700 euros and contains vanilla from Madagascar, Alba truffles and 23-karat gold, as well as an Iranian saffron which is perhaps the cheapest ingredient.

In the Philippines, chef Angelito Araneta Jr has created sushi with diamonds which costs 1600 euros, while Joel Heffernan of Club 23 in Melbourne has created the Winston, a cocktail made with Croizet’s luxurious 1858 Cuvée Léonie cognac.

The most expensive foods

The BBC has compiled a list of the most expensive foods in the world, some of which are found in the aforementioned dishes. I am:

  • it saffron: the British newspaper espouses the theory that the ingredient would be more expensive than gold, but in reality this is not exactly the case, however yes, saffron is expensive due to the production process and annual availability;
  • the caviar: of course there are different types, but albino beluga caviar can cost $ 29,000 per kilo;
  • the oysters: surely there is a difference between French and Italian oysters (which are cheaper but no less tasty). In a high-end restaurant in London they can cost 60 euros a dozen, while, if you are lucky, in a fish shop in the Naples metropolitan area you can pay 10 euros for 10 oysters in the late morning;
  • the white truffle from Piedmont: like many excellent luxury ingredients it comes from Italy. In 2007 a one and a half kilo white truffle was paid for at auction $ 278,000;
  • the spanish ham: comes from pigs raised in the wild in oak forests and is aged for 36 months. The most expensive is the “Manchado de Jabugo” type, which can be paid for 3,700 euros per kilo;
  • the manzo Wagyu: comes from Japanese cows and in the motherland it is sold for 583 euros per kilo;
  • the Kopi luwak coffee: it is sold for 589 euros per kilo, but the production process is not inviting. It is in fact produced from grains digested and defecated by owls that live on Asian palms;
  • the foie gras: it is certainly a tasty and expensive food, but its production is not ethical, so much so that many are abandoning it even in luxury catering, due to the forced feeding that occurs on geese.

The case of saffron

A commonplace developed in recent years has Italian saffron among the most expensive ingredients in the world, even more so than caviar. But it is precisely a commonplace: saffron is not cheap but neither is it as luxurious as some sites want to believe: there are those who write, like the BBC, that it is even worth as much as gold prices.

According to Coltivare Zafferano, the most realistic quotations of this ingredient are between 20 and 30 euros per gram for a good Italian saffron, while it is worth 7-8 euros per gram for imported saffron – one of the biggest foreign producers is Iran, but the quality is decidedly different and the price reflects this profound hiatus. The cliché was perhaps born to encourage the production of this food.

So saffron is expensive, but it is not the most expensive ingredient in the world, especially considering how large quantities of it should not be consumed in traditional recipes, such as the famous risotto.

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