Women’s volleyball Italy is European champion

Women’s volleyball Italy is European champion
Women’s volleyball Italy is European champion

After theItaly men’s football it was the turn of the women’s volleyball team to be crowned European champion. In Belgrade the blues beat the hosts of Serbia, for three sets to one, thus putting them on the highest step in Europe after 12 years from the last title. Italy defeated the Serbs in a very hard and hard-fought match, especially in the first three sets.

The Serbs win the first set by 26-24 to the advantages but they must surrender to the technical and physical overwhelming power of Paola Egonu and her teammates who win second, third and fourth set with the partial of 25-22, 25-19 and the overwhelming 25- 11. After the big disappointment at Olympic Games in Tokyo, women’s Italvolley has been able to respond to criticism in a big way by winning a gold medal at the European Championships which has an enormous weight as it is also the third in history for our national team.

The match

The first set is of total balance between Italy and Serbia with the blue a little contracted and therefore more prone to error. Egonu fluctuating with many points but several errors. The partial continues up to the advantages with Boskovic crushing the ball of the final 26-24 to the ground in favor of the hosts even if there was a foul from the second line quite evident but not recognized by the referee.

In the second, balance still reigns but Italy rises in tone with Paola Egonu which finally begins to fuel becoming devastating in attack. The blues remain focused until the end, they block, defend well and get decisive points that close the set in their favor for 25-22. In the third set the Serbs immediately run away 4-1 but Mazzanti has some cards to play and at the hour Italy goes from the disadvantage to the unexpected advantage, for how the set was put, and in the end they take home the partial for 25-19.

In the fourth set the Serbs hardly ever enter the field with Sylla, Egonu & Co unleashed in not letting the opponents return to the game. Italy thus closes the match in his favor with a score of 25-11 which is worth the European title.

The match report

SERBIA – ITALY 1-3 (26-24, 22-25, 19-25, 11-25)

Serbia: Busa, Lazovic 2, M. Popovic 13, Ognjenovic 3, Rasic 12, S. Popovic, Boskovic 20, Milenkovic 4. All .: Zoran Terzic.

Italy: Gennari, Malinov 2, De Gennaro, Orro, Chirichella 5, Danesi 8, Pietrini 13, Sylla 20, Egonu 29, Parrocchiale, Mazzaro ne, D’Odorico ne Non entrate: Bonifacio, Nwakalor All .: Davide Mazzanti.

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