Compulsory vaccine: here are which countries have introduced it

Compulsory vaccine: here are which countries have introduced it
Compulsory vaccine: here are which countries have introduced it

GIACARTA – Certified yes, certified no? And if so, how, where? The obligation of vaccination against Covid-19 in some areas and in some countries of the world is increasingly a topical issue. Where it has not already entered into force.

Switzerland remains among the most liberal countries, the Federal Council has already obtained the green light from the cantons to introduce the obligation of certification in restaurants, bars and other indoor activities: but Bern has decided to take more time.

Meanwhile, there are those who have gone further. Italy is discussing whether to extend the vaccination obligation to the entire population – now it is in force only for health personnel – and four other countries have already taken the step. These are Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Micronesia.

Indonesia was the first country in order of time: in February, even before the start of the vaccination campaign for all citizens, Jakarta introduced the vaccination obligation with high fines for offenders (around 500 francs). In Turkmenistan the vaccine is mandatory for adults from 7 July. In the same month, the law entered into force in Micronesia – where Covid never arrived – and in Tajikistan.

Other countries have imposed vaccination only in certain sectors or under certain conditions. In Saudi Arabia, for example, vaccination is mandatory for those who work face-to-face in the public and private sectors. But also to access public administration offices, schools and public transport.

In Australia, workers in senior homes, hospitals and hotels hosting people in quarantine must be vaccinated. In Canada, since August 13, the vaccine is mandatory for those traveling by train or plane, for staff on cruise ships and for public officials.

And in Europe? In France, vaccination is compulsory for workers in the health sector. The green pass is required to access cinemas, theaters, discos, museums and festivals. The same decision was taken by the Greek government, which extended the certificate requirement also for bars. In the United Kingdom, in September, the obligation of a green pass was activated to access discos and crowded places. Here too, an obligation for the staff of retirement homes.

In Russia, the obligation is currently in force only for those who work in contact with the public. In the United States, however, the rules vary by state. In New York from September 6, all health workers in contact with the public will have to be vaccinated, and the vaccination certificate will be necessary for customers and employees of gyms, restaurants and indoor activities open to the public.

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