Milan skyscraper fire, Fiorenzuola panel company searched

Milan skyscraper fire, Fiorenzuola panel company searched
Milan skyscraper fire, Fiorenzuola panel company searched

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04 September 2021 06:00

Firefighters and judicial police officers of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office were in the offices of Aza Aghito Zambonini in Fiorenzuola and here they collected commercial documentation, tender documents, technical data sheets and everything else needed to shed light on that shaped cover. of the Torre dei Moro in via Antonini, the 18-storey skyscraper in the Vigentino district of Milan, which last Sunday caught fire and turned into a glowing torch. A cover made of plastic, synthetic and highly flammable material that even liquefied during the fire. The white “coat” panels of the skyscraper seem to have turned out not to be fireproof but rather a sort of “conductor” that in a few minutes would have made the fire uncontrollable. The blitz in the Fiorenzuola company, which would have led to searches and seizures of documents, was ordered by the deputy prosecutor of Milan Tiziana Siciliano and the prosecutor Marina Petruzzella as part of the investigation for a culpable disaster still against unknown persons. The operation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office will serve to resolve a series of knots including that on the role of the company: in essence, we want to understand whether it has produced the panels supplied or, as it seems to demonstrate the contract with the company of the Moro family for the design and installation of the ‘sail’ in via Antonini, has only supplied them by buying them elsewhere. In this case it will therefore be necessary to go back to the manufacturer. Meanwhile, the firefighters have already assembled the various videos on the fire into a single video in which what happened is reconstructed (fortunately no one was injured or lost their life) and are drafting a report to be delivered to the magistrates.

FROM MILAN TODAY – Skyscraper fire in Milan: for experts the panels were highly flammable


Milan skyscraper fire Fiorenzuola panel company searched

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