Volleyball, Italy champion of Europe: Egonu and companions break down the taboo Serbia

Volleyball, Italy champion of Europe: Egonu and companions break down the taboo Serbia
Volleyball, Italy champion of Europe: Egonu and companions break down the taboo Serbia

Italy is champion of Europe. Finally the blue have managed to beat the black beast Serbia: the masterpiece of Mazzanti’s girls right in Belgrade in the final of the European championship. Egonu and her teammates won 3-1 in a comeback (24-26, 25-22, 25-19, 25-11), even overwhelming their opponents in the last set. The victory against Boskovic and the others came to the fourth attempt, after the three knockouts in the 2018 world final, the semifinal of the 2019 European Championships and in the quarter-finals a month ago at the Tokyo Games. On an overall level, both in the men and in the women, Italy of volleyball was dry with successes since 2009. Just in that year the blue had won the European Championships, repeating the triumph of two years earlier.

The first set was of great balance, with the hosts who only imposed themselves on the advantages. The second was also very hard fought, with Italy ahead at the start (4-1 and then 12-10) and Serbia reaching and overtaking the blue (20-19) before Egonu and her teammates managed to win the sprint. In the third, however, after a start in the sign of our opponents (8-3), Italy took control and closed in fluency. The fourth set was a blue catwalk, with devastating attacks and an insuperable wall. A triumph. The bronze medal went to Turkey, who defeated the Netherlands 3-0.

Mazzanti: “Extraordinary enterprise”

“It was a long summer, we struggled, but the girls did something extraordinary after a tough time.” Davide Mazzanti, Italian volleyball women’s coach, to Rai Sport’s microphones rejoices for the success at the European Championships, obtained in the final against Serbia who had eliminated the blue team a month ago in Tokyo. “It was an incredible effort to go back to the field, to be able to have fun again – he confesses – It was nice to see the girls in these last games having fun and expressing what their talent was. The girls have been very good, it is difficult to find words. , it was a very tough period but I’m happy for them and for the movement, we needed it “.

Sylla: “After Tokyo we didn’t break down”

“I can’t believe it, I’m very happy, we played an excellent match”. Miriam Sylla does not hold back her joy for the European title. “We knew that every time it is tough against Serbia and we remembered the match at the Olympics – the reference to 0-3 in the Tokyo quarter-finals – We didn’t play as we knew but we decided to come here to prove something and we proved what we know. to do. After the Olympics we didn’t give up, we worked hard because we wanted to win something. “

Serbia 1-3 Italy
(26-24, 22-25, 19-25, 11-25)

Serbia: Rasic 12, Ognjenovic 3, Lazovic 2, Popovic 13, Boskovic 20, Milenkovic 4. Popovic (L). Bus. No: Caric, Mirkovic, Veljkovic, Bjelica, Blagojevic (L), Kocic. Allenator: Terzic.
Italy: Pietrini 13, Danesi 8, Egonu 29, Sylla 20, Chirichella 1, Orro. De Gennaro (L). Gennari, Malinov 2, Parish. No: Bonifacio, Nwakalor, Mazzaro, D’Odorico. Coach: Mazzanti.
Referees: Burkiewicz e Ozbar.
NoteHardened Set: 34′, 27′, 22′, 21′. Serbia: 1 a, 12 bs, 11 m, 22 et; Italy: 8 a, 12 bs, 13 m, 22 et.

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