“With me I only have a few clothes and a guitar” – Corriere.it

“With me I only have a few clothes and a guitar” – Corriere.it
“With me I only have a few clothes and a guitar” – Corriere.it
from Roberta Scorranese

The singer who lives next to the building devoured by flames: with me I have only the guitar

Morgan, has he returned to his home?

“No, and I don’t even know when they’ll let us back. I and other families who live next to the large building that caught fire in via Antonini, in Milan, have been turned away from our homes due to the risk of collapsing. From one day to the next ».

Where are you staying now?

«I am a guest of a wonderful person, the painter and sculptor Robert Gligorov, also in Milan. With me I have only a few dresses and a guitar ».

Not much for a musician as committed as you.

“This is the point: I am an artist who cannot make art. In the house that I had to leave, even if temporarily, there is everything that allows me to work ».

For instance?

“For example my tools. I am a multi-instrumentalist and every day I train on the piano, bass, harpsichord, percussion. I have nothing with me, not to mention the notes, the scores, the words. But then I think of those poor families in the burning building, those people who have really lost everything and then it passes to me. Of course”.

Have you already heard from Mahmood, your colleague who lived in the Tower of the Moors?

«Not yet but I plan to contact him shortly because I want to understand what is being done. Certainly I have talked to some of those people and I would like to do something concrete. For example, tomorrow evening (today for the reader, ed) I will hold a concert at the Comfort Festival in Ferrara: I asked and obtained that if any of those families who have stayed away from home would like to come, they can do it without paying the ticket (those wishing to participate must send an email to BarleyArts, ed).

In these days we have read many stories of people who, together with the house, have also lost their places of work, because now houses are also this.

“Indeed, that’s the point. There are not only places where we eat or sleep, but many of us have a home office, from the atelier to the smart working station. And for artists like me there is more. I practice playing Bach or Beethoven every day for at least two hours. It is part of my being an artist. Music feeds on a constant discipline, a continuous immersion in notes and words. Not to mention the practical effect of working without home recording or the desktop computer where I keep everything ».

Did you miss any job opportunities?

«Yes, for example the Bellini Theater in Naples had commissioned me a soundtrack to accompany one of its shows and I cannot make it. But that’s just one example. This is why I ask that attention not be drawn to what happened in Milan: entire families are far from home and many, with this, have also lost their working tools. I can make an appeal on the “Corriere della Sera?”»


“If the City will allow it and if it is possible to return to my house, I will open it and temporarily house one or two of those families who have lost their apartment. Mine wants to be, yes, a gesture of solidarity, but also a gesture addressed to those who have to watch over their situation: these people should not be left alone ».

Always if they allow her to reopen the house and come back shortly.

«Yes, and in this regard I make another appeal: it would be enough for me to go back a couple of hours a day to work. To go get my music back. ‘

You were there on the day the building caught fire.

“Seeing that facade burn in such an inexorable way made me reflect on the ethical / aesthetic dualism. Apparently that facade was there for an aesthetic effect, but not enough attention was paid to the materials. I think when we see an imbalance between what is bello and what it is good – in the sense of artfully done -, we lose something ».

Live music has long been at a standstill due to the pandemic. He did discuss the position of De Gregori who chose not to condemn Salmo, the rapper who defied the restrictions.

“I think Francesco did very well, and I’m with him. He emphasized the dignity of artists: many think that we are abstract creatures. We are concrete, immersed in the world ».

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