the heir of Sensible Soccer lands on consoles and PC –

the heir of Sensible Soccer lands on consoles and PC –
the heir of Sensible Soccer lands on consoles and PC –

Sociable Soccer ’22 it is (at least in intentions and pedigree) the truth heir to Sensible Soccer, in the sense that it was developed by the same author of the legendary football game for the Amiga, John Hare, so it is with some attention that we look at this title coming to PC, and console, ovvero PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S e Nintendo Switch.

The first version of the game, Sociable Soccer, was released exclusively on Apple Arcade more than a year ago but this Sociable Soccer ’22, as the title suggests, is a revised and corrected version of that, with some improvements applied to the graphics, content and gameplay, so it looks like a kind of new chapter.

The game has the release date set for April 17, 2022 and for this period it should also have gone through several changes: the intention of Hare, with this game, is to re-propose an arcade approach to football titles, which for some time now have focused above all on the more realistic aspects.

As you can also see in the Sociable Soccer review in Apple Arcade version, the game is in fact very different from the classic simulations: it is fast and dynamic, purely arcade but without giving up a certain depth of gameplay.

Obviously, the years and the context have changed profoundly and being able to repeat the particular experience that was of Sensibile Soccer is very difficult nowadays, but with the involvement of John Hare and the improvements that should be applied, however, we await with great curiosity to see it in action.

Meanwhile, we can see a trailer of the Sociable Soccer ’21 update shown on this page: apparently i changes should cover graphics in general, content and even gameplay, with the implementation of new features.

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