design fills hotels. Widespread exhibitions, the green pass also outside –

design fills hotels. Widespread exhibitions, the green pass also outside –
design fills hotels. Widespread exhibitions, the green pass also outside –

Prelude of Design week yesterday in the city, the aperitif will be today with the first openings and presentations by invitation in the new contingent pandemic formats, while tomorrow we will really sit down at the restaurant of the Salone del Mobile, with the President Sergio Mattarella at the head of the table, engine of the restart with its provident in sar when businesses were still niche on what to do. In the center, foreigners are already being heard, hotels have increased their rates and the number of hotels that have remained open appears to be high at 70%, or even sold out in the Fuorisalone clusters. It will be the Week of encounters, meetings, relationships – explains Paolo Casati of the Studiolabo reality -. Entrepreneurs who didn’t come will eventually eat their hands. However, the number of appearances is still an unknown factor, between absences, cancellations and last-minute decisions: We are expecting more local visitors, says councilor Cristina Tajani from Palazzo Marino.

The unknown about the influx goes hand in hand with that about participation in events. If the typical image of the Milanese Design Week in times of better public health were the gatherings outside the installations, It is legitimate to imagine queues at the entrances even with the rules agreed at the tables of the Prefecture: a single protocol valid for all has not been drawn up, with responsibility declined to the individual organizers in their different contexts. With some guidelines. The green pass will be mandatory everywhere, even outdoors, with temperature test at the inputs. Provided gazebos for quick swabs at the fair (and in the city at Superstudio pi), then capacities to be managed with the principle of 4 square meters per visitor in the interior spaces and regulated access with the (inevitable) rows outside left to common sense and to the education of patrons, a bit like what happened on Wednesday at the Central Market, a new destination on the design routes. Here, as in many events, especially in showrooms, reservations are required with access divided by time slots. Otherwise it is enough to register on the spot and, in the case of foreign visitors without a green pass, self-certification of the vaccine dose received. If we think of the numbers of the past, it will not be the same – Casati (founder of and the Brera design district) continues -. But we are in better shape than expected. If you wanted to curb the excess of crowds at events, often of people not interested in design, this will be a good test for the next editions: companies will like it.

In the meantime, all the Interni events have started this morning, from the Statale – where the mix with students does not allow a filter at the entrance and therefore there will be a security to provide identification bracelets to those who wander among the installations in the cloisters – to the Brera Botanical Garden (which like the Triennale instead treated like a museum) and the spaces of Audicitylab in via della Spiga. In Zona Tortona, check at the entrances to Superstudio pi (which doubles with the Maxi in via Moncucco), at the events in Base all’ex Ansaldo (where reservations are required for the talks and musical evenings of the alternative Milanese scene), as well as those of Tortona design week and Tortona Rocks (with the Opificio 31 agor). The same process, without reservation, on the Island, from Alcova which turns on the spotlight on the abandoned areas of the military hospital in Inganni, and on the 5Vie tra Cesare Correnti 14, the Siam of via Santa Marta and Palazzo Litta (with Variations). In Brera 150 mixed events and 140 showrooms, with outdoor spaces thanks to the concessions of the Municipality, to encourage flows in compliance with the rules, as Councilor Tajani recalls. Among the many large spaces that remain closed, it is worth mentioning the Pelota in via Palermo where Herms returns, and therefore fashion. Finally, there is the Dos widespread district with its physical and digital exhibits, using QR code and augmented reality.

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design fills hotels Widespread exhibitions green pass Corriereit

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