“Vaccination obligation only in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan”

The vaccination obligation “for everyone does not exist, indeed, it exists in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, unless someone wants to follow these models, let’s continue with the explanation and education” and “the obligation for everyone was not present in any agreement of government “. The secretary of the League said so Matteo Salvini on the sidelines of a meeting with citizens in the Milanese district of Niguarda. “The Italians are responding without obligations. 40 million are vaccinated. In Lombardy we will reach 85% of the people who have made this choice by the end of September and therefore pay much more for the choice, education and explanation than the obligation , the coercion, the fine and the ban “, Salvini explained assuring that this” is a position of the whole League, shared with mayors, with the governors. The League is absolutely convinced and compact “. The secretary of the Northern League will talk about it “with President Draghi, we will see each other in the week”.

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Read every day that the good Lord sends to the ground, he gets up and hopes that the League will come out of the government. Who lived hoping … lived hoping“, the League secretary then said with irony. Assuring that” absolutely “everything is fine in the government, Salvini said that” leaving Italy in the hands of Pd and 5 Stelle we have no attention. These approve taxes, landings and ius soli “. For Salvini” it is not easy to have to deal with Letta, Conte, Di Maio, Speranza, Lamorgese every day “.

As for the green pass for the leader of the League “is used for major events, to allow activities to reopen safely, if one wants to go and see the game, but I refuse to think about the green pass on the subway in Milan at 8 am “. Of migrants” in recent months 40 thousand have landed and in Sicily escape from quarantine and peck them. It makes no sense to ask the thirteen-year-old boy who goes to Gardaland for the green pass and land tens of thousands of people without limits, without rules and without controls. If the rules apply, they apply to everyone. If everyone has to make sacrifices, everyone has to make sacrifices “, said the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, during a rally in Caravaggio, in the province of Bergamo.

It’s still: “We are in the government, however, the vaccination obligation for everyone, including children, was not present in any agreement“. Salvini then recalls that” in Great Britain and Germany, which are not governed by madmen, the vaccine for children is not recommended and therefore we must be very cautious and attentive. “To those who asked him what will happen if the question of trust is asked about conversion of the green pass decree into law, the secretary of the League replied: “I do not comment, we are working to improve this text. We have already achieved a lot, we are getting tens of millions of euros for free tampons “.

There is no vaccination obligation in any European country, I don’t see why it should exist in Italy“, Salvini then reiterated, explaining that only” rest homes, hospitals, more delicate roles can foresee it. But to think, for example, of the obligation for the entire public sector sector, even for those who do not have to deal with citizens, seems to me absolutely wrong “.

“The last and most important frontier for us is the reopening of schools, which must be reopened for everyone. All children must return to class, no one excluded, let’s say no to marginalization, discrimination or being branded. be a school or a university for everyone “, he continued.

Who asked him if it was right to foresee the vaccination obligation for teachers, Salvini replied: “What are we talking about? The teachers are 90% vaccinated”. To the reporters who pressed him asking for the remaining 10%, the secretary of the League replied: “When my daughter comes back to class I am interested in finding a good teacher, I don’t go and ask him what he did and what not”.

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