“Extraordinary data …”. Here is the anti Covid drug that gives hope

“Extraordinary data …”. Here is the anti Covid drug that gives hope
“Extraordinary data …”. Here is the anti Covid drug that gives hope

The fight against Covid-19 continues with no holds barred. Meanwhile, scientists are taking a new step forward. As revealed by Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious diseases department at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, in the magazine Nature Medicine An article has just been published reporting the results of the Save More study. “The results achieved with this randomized double-blind study with anakinra – explains Bassetti – are extraordinary from all points of view, and for the first time the combination of a drug such as anakinra associated with a biomarker, suPar, is used for the selection of patients most at risk of Covid progression. The use of anakinra has reduced mortality and disease progression “.

But what is it about? Bassetti explains that it is “a further weapon to extinguish the serious inflammation that triggers Covid”. And he adds: “My study group proudly participated in this Greek-Italian study with the enrollment of numerous patients”.

Anakinra (trade name Kineret) is a drug that is given to treatrheumatoid arthritis and other serious inflammatory diseases such as cryopyrin-associated syndromes. It is not a “disease-modifying antirheumatic drug” but a “biological response modifier”, considered capable of selectively targeting the pathological element of the disease.

Already last February one study of the San Raffaele hospital had shown that anakinra is able to reduce mortality in severe Covid-19 patients.


Extraordinary data anti Covid drug hope

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