Sanremo, Colapesce and Dimartino freeze Amadeus: background on the refusal

Sanremo, Colapesce and Dimartino freeze Amadeus: background on the refusal
Sanremo, Colapesce and Dimartino freeze Amadeus: background on the refusal


According to an exclusive of TvBlog, the artistic duo would have been contacted by the host for the conduct of the program

Published on September 3, 2021

UPDATE. Dagospia denied that Colapesce and Dimartino were contacted by Amadeus for the Dopofestival also because the conductor “did not foresee the return of the Dopofestival” and therefore “did not contact the duo”.

Amadeus wants Colapesce and Dimartino at the Dopofestival: the bombshell was given in the last few hours exclusively by the TvBlog portal. The couple was one of the artistic creations that worked the most during the music festival of Sanremo Festival in 2021.

Their ‘very light music’ has become a pleasant catchphrase that has accompanied us for months. And considering the great success achieved and the considerable popularity, Amadeus wanted to take them with him in his third conduction of the famous kermesse of Italian song.

According to what was reported by TvBlog, the artistic director of the Sanremo 2022 Festival would have thought of the two singers for the conduct of the spin-off of the famous musical competition, which will take place next February. A proposal that would have thrilled many.

But how did the two Sicilians react? According to what we read on TvBlog, the two artists at the moment they would not have accepted the proposal by Amadeus. A lukewarm answer, therefore, even if there is still ample room to review their positions and perhaps enter into a real negotiation with a positive outcome.

Colapesce e Dimartino I’m currently on the radio with the song Toy Boy, which also sees the extraordinary collaboration of an icon of Italian music, Ornella Vanoni. Last year, as many will remember, the AfterFestival did not air.

For reasons attributable to both the Coronavirus health emergency and the length of time of the musical event. In 2020 the conduction of The Other Festival was entrusted to Nicola Savino. The idea of ​​having singers lead the program is not new.

Before Amadeus too Pippo Baudo rode this kind of initiative. While the Sicilian conductor chose Elio and the tense stories, in 1999 Fabio Fabio opted for Orietta Berti. The latter in recent months is at the top of the charts thanks to the song Mille, in collaboration with Fedez e Achille Lauro.

These experiments are all successful, who knows if the same thing will happen next year. In the meantime, the full names for the characters who will support Amadeus in the management are unleashed. And punctually, as every year, also the name of Chiara Ferragni.

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