with whom they have paparazzi – Libero Quotidiano

with whom they have paparazzi – Libero Quotidiano
with whom they have paparazzi – Libero Quotidiano

Things are booming for Victoria De Angelis, the charming bassist of Maneskin. In addition to the successes she is collecting with her band, the musician also seems to be very satisfied with her sentimental situation. In fact, it seems that Victoria has been engaged to one of them for a few weeks now lass. The two were paparazzi around Rome by the weekly Gente. Here they are taking for a walk Chili, the bassist’s beloved little dog. According to the newspaper, the girls are already living together.

Or rather, it is still unclear whether Victoria and his fiancée are already living under the same roof or if they are simply rehearsing. For now we only know from Gente that the two were immortalized as they left Vic’s apartment. Another clue: the girlfriend, of whom nothing is yet known, not even the name, after greeting Victoria takes over Chili and, after having carried him around for a while, returns home.

In short, it is not a story. Victoria and his girlfriend, with their attitudes, show that they are serious. The relationship started well, it seems solid and there is a good complicity between the two. For sure, this is a fantastic time for the Maneskin bassist.

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