The United States is investing 65 billion against future pandemics

The United States is investing 65 billion against future pandemics
The United States is investing 65 billion against future pandemics

The United States invest well 65 billion against future pandemics and they are among the first to think in terms of defense against a new possible challenge.

It seems, in fact, that the pandemics will not end there. As many opinions have often reiterated, it seems we are entering the decade of pandemics and precisely on this basis, the US tries to protect itself: Here are the details.

What is the Covid-19 situation in the United States

It seems that the pandemic situation dictated by the Covid-19 in the United States is clearly worsening. According to official data reported by the United States, the daily average of 100 thousand people in hospital for Covid has recently been outdated.

Furthermore, it seems that this is the first time these have been registered contagion figures since this winter – that is, when the vaccine campaign was still only in its infancy – on US soil. The percentage of hospitalizations reported by official US sources is increased by 500% during the last 2 months, especially in the southern part of the country.

Always referring to what the statements report, in the southern area of ​​the United States intensive care it seems to be full and the vaccination campaign would proceed more slowly than in the remaining areas of the country. According to data from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the highest number of infections is in Florida, with nearly 16,500 cases of Covid sign in.

Because the United States is investing 65 billion against future pandemics

The White House proposed a plan from 65 billion dollars to be able to fight future pandemics in a more efficient and timely manner. This happened according to the assumption that there is a reasonable probability – according to US estimates – that this arose from Covid-19 may not be the only pandemic that will be seen over the next few years.

It seems, in fact, that during the next decade the papabile arrival of new pandemics of who knows what sort is expected. Indeed, thearrival of a worse pandemic than Covid-19 has been so far.

From this assumption and with regard to the US proposal of 65 billion plan, il direttore dell’Office of Science, Technology and Policy Eric Lander stated that this is an opportunity to hone the skills of fighting pandemics, an opportunity not to be underestimated in order to be ready and prepared for the fight next time. Waiting will not help, adds Eric Lander during his statements at the press conference; and precisely for this reason the United States proposes to allocate a plan worth billions.

What the US pandemic plan money would be earmarked for

The plan proposed by the United States provides huge investments in the medical sector and also in that technological. Specifically, the US would like to be prepared in case of surprise attacks with biological weapons, accidents in laboratories or, more generally, even a new pandemic.

It seems, in fact, that the United States wants to be a country at the forefront of any bacterial or viral problems from now on and this can only be possible relying on science, to technology e to medicine specialized.

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