Piacenza, two little girls infibulated at home: father arrested

September 04, 2021 11:59 am

The prosecutor has ordered the arrest of the parent. The investigations of the carabinieri are underway, who are also trying to ascertain whether the woman was already aware of her husband’s intentions

The complaint of the mother – Man, recalls the Piacenza newspaper Freedom, had taken advantage of a trip to Africa during the summer to subject the girls to infibulation. To report the affair were the doctors of the ASL of Piacenza who had visited the girls. Once he found out what really happened in his absence, the woman reportedly reported her husband to the Italian authorities, probably upset by the “torture” inflicted on daughters. Now the prosecutor and the carabinieri are trying to ascertain whether the woman was already aware of her husband’s intentions, before that trip to the country of origin.

Shocking numbers – A case that shocked the Emilian city. They would be already a dozen cases since the beginning of the year in Piacentino. The two girls residing in Piacenza would not even be the only victims of these tribal and bloody practices. Since the beginning of 2021, the family clinics visited a dozen women victims of infibulation. A practice that despite being illegal and punished with severe penalties, still shows impressive numbers.


Piacenza girls infibulated home father arrested

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