Here is “the citizenship clock”. On the left, luxury becomes sin

Here is “the citizenship clock”. On the left, luxury becomes sin
Here is “the citizenship clock”. On the left, luxury becomes sin

In the era of politically correct reigning, some might even call it watch shaming. The insult and discrimination based on the clock. But we take good care of it. The facts: Roman Pastore is a twenty-one year old candidate for the Capitoline municipal with Carlo Calenda. The young man ended up at the center of controversy for a series of photos in which he sports an expensive watch. “He has a Rolex on his wrist,” thundered indignantly the same left that for years defended Massimo D’Alema’s sailboats, quadruple thread cashmere arsenals and Bertinotti’s three Warhols (which however represent the big face of Mao and therefore are fine and are proletarians anyway). Among other things, Pastore’s watch, for the sake of precision, was an Audemars Piguet and therefore even more expensive than an average Rolex (we reassure you: he has one of those too). But the important thing is to attack Calenda and his young candidate. And that Calenda doesn’t exactly have the physique du rôle of a borgataro, it’s not Che Guevara. Who, however, sported a beautiful Rolex gmt and his companion Fidel, it is said, even wore two at the same time. But there was a purely political and social reason, it was a necessity: on one it had the time in Cuba and on the other that in Moscow. Online Dictature. From Che to Fedez the immortalized myth of the Communist with the Rolex. Then the fascists, liberals, socialists and even sovereigns will have it too. But at least they don’t mind anyone who has it.

Obviously, radical chic charms can only be afforded by hard and pure companions. If you have the Capital on the bedside table, you can ride a Porsche with your wrists lined with expensive timepieces. If you are even only on the center-left and perhaps you are suffering from a mild form of liberalism, you are immediately stoned.

So poor Roman Pastore, not being poor at all, ended up in the crosshairs of that left that feeds on envy and social hatred. And away with insults of all kinds, starting with the classic “daddy’s son”, a quality that we all technically possess, but which in this case is also a gaffe, given that Pastore’s father died, leaving him those watches as an inheritance. A storm of insults of all kinds on a boy who made the mistake of showing a valuable watch. Because for a certain Democratic Party and a good slice of the Five Stars, luxury is a fault, success a crime and money – those of others, not theirs – is a shame. The paradox is that those who pilloried Pastore are the same ones who every day pretend to fight against any kind of discrimination and for the defense of everyone’s rights. And then they are always in the front row insulting and discriminating: too busy seeing what you wear on your wrist to care what one has in mind. But anyway: hasta el Rolex siempre! And Audemars Piguet too.


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