Roberto Benigni and the lack of children in marriage: the reason is very sad – the Democrat

Roberto Benigni and the lack of children in marriage: the reason is very sad – the Democrat
Roberto Benigni and the lack of children in marriage: the reason is very sad – the Democrat

Many have wondered why Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi have no children. Let’s try to understand why

One of the most important actors on the Italian, but also international, cinema scene. With a career full of successes and an increasingly stable and strong love relationship. Roberto Benigni is known for his great success, his talent and his great acting ability in Worldwide.

As for private life, it has been for years married to Nicoletta Braschi. A bond that has been going on for 30 years. A strong and solid couple that made a myriad of viewers fall in love with their high professionalism. However, the two have no children. But why this particular choice? Let’s try to understand why.

One of the closest couples both in private life and on the set, Benigni and Braschi met for the first time in 1983. Do you remember when? On the film set You my turbi. Since then they never broke up again. Their professional and private lives have merged and intertwined, without ever separating for any reason in the world.

Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi, together for a lifetime but without children

The couple got married on December 26, 1991, with a private ceremony in Nicoletta’s hometown of Cesena. The celebration took place in a cloistered convent. In the most famous films of the actor there has always been his wife, who has a central role in every situation. We remember for example films like The tiger and the snow, Life is Beautiful e Happy Lazarus. Braschi is his muse, his eternal love.

Plus, with acting in the film Happy Lazarus, Nicoletta Braschi also receives the nomination for the David di Donatello as Best Supporting Actress. In addition, the couple is also linked in an entrepreneurial activity. In fact, the shares of the film company Melampo and Tentacoli Edizioni Musicali are divided.

A beautiful love story that has lasted for many years now. But many have always wondered why the couple doesn’t have never had children. Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi have never said any word about it. They never gave any precise reasons why they decided not to have heirs.

Some time ago, during an interview, Nicoletta explained that she never felt capable of being a mother. He has always believed he can live happy with her husband even so. “I’m fine like that. I probably don’t have the maternal sense “.

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