Martina Miliddi, Rosa Di Grazia takes her to the emergency room: how is she?

Martina Miliddi, Rosa Di Grazia takes her to the emergency room: how is she?
Martina Miliddi, Rosa Di Grazia takes her to the emergency room: how is she?

A visit to the hospital is needed immediately for the beautiful Martina Miliddi. To bring her there is Rosa Di Grazia, what had the dancer of “Amici 20”.

Martina Miliddi Photo from Instagram

Martina Miliddi, over the past few hours, he had to experience something unpleasant. And with her there was another well-known face who, like her, escaped from “Amici 20”. This is Rosa Di Grazia.

The two girls had to resort to the care of the emergency room, due to a health problem that happened to one of the two.

Not feeling well is Martina Miliddi. The dancer originally from Sardinia wanted to explain everything that happened by informing her fans on her personal social channels.

Rosa Di Grazia is fine but took care to accompany her friend to the hospital to get her a consultation, after the emergence of a physical problem.

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Martina Miliddi, the message written in the night

What did Martina Miliddi have that was so worrying that she had to seek medical attention? The direct interested has communicated to his fan base that he had to deal with a particularly virulent inflammation of the throat.

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This made her feel bad, until she made the choice to turn to health personnel. To be able to recover completely, the beautiful Martina will have to follow a treatment based on cortisone and antibiotics. We expect to resolve everything within a few days.

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And Miliddi precisely belittles what happened, saying how everything is now behind us “Thanks to cortisone that works wonders”. In fact, immediately afterwards she showed up for a walk in the middle of the night, much more serene. You also spoke of a “small fall”, but fortunately everything has been overcome.

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Martina Miliddi Rosa Grazia takes emergency room

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